How to Give Valuable Feedback on Your Dox Design Project

Feedback is an essential part of collaboration and the design process. However, there’s a difference between valuable, thoughtful feedback and simply providing an opinion. 


1. Ask Why

I approach the design process with a clear strategy; there are always reasons for the choices I’ve made in the designs that I’ve created for you. Some of the factors I’ve considered include

  • What your competition is doing or not doing
  • What I know about your specific target market based on the research I’ve done at the beginning of the project
  • Balancing and compromising some of the specific elements that you’ve requested that might not be aesthetically “aligned”
  • Some of the compromises are based on what aesthetically fits your branding, conventions within your industry, and also what fits within my skills and brand. 


2. Describe What Doesn’t Work For You and Why

Make an effort to get specific about why you don’t like something. Understanding that you don’t like a color because it reminds you of something one of your competitors has done or communicating you’d prefer a specific color over a color shown is much more valuable feedback.

 3. Settle Internal Decisions Before Communicating Changes

 The larger the team, the harder it can be to gather feedback. However, taking the time to settle disagreement and come to a cohesive opinion before giving feedback means you’ll be able to give much more specific information and direction. Plus you’ll save time for everyone in the long run because you’ll only give one set of feedback instead of feedback in spurts – or worse, contradictory requests. 


4. Speak Up Early On

 The earlier you provide feedback, the better! Sharing thoughtful feedback early in the design process saves everyone a lot of time because we can pivot and incorporate it into the direction right away, rather than finding out after we’ve spent a lot of time creating assets  and polishing the project.

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