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Droolworthy Design that tells your unique brand story.

Tired of your design falling short of the hype your brand deserves?

As a passionate business-owner, you’ve poured your heart and soul into every detail of your brand. But do you feel like your current branding and design reflects that?

From underdogs to top dogs, Dox Design is the go-to creative agency for businesses like yours who want to bring their brand’s mission and BIG vision to life with the power of #droolworthy branding and design.

Ready to get this doggone show on the road?

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Dox Design Services

Here’s how we can take you from drab to droolworthy

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Signature Branding Package

Droolworthy design from top to bottom.

You’ve already got a must-have product or service that gets your customers in the door, but now you just need that extra push to really make your customers beg for more. You want to elevate your brand as a stand-out Top Dog in your industry with drool-worthy design that truly resonates with your ideal audience, making them say, “Wow, they really GET me!”

You’re ready to get serious and enroll in a branding program unlike any other—one led by a team of design professionals who are just as equally invested in you as you are in their program.

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VIP Design Day

All eyes on your brand for one full business day.

If you’re currently in that weird space with too much work to handle on your own, but not enough resources to hire a full-time designer, Dox Design is the pawsome partner for you. Need help with packaging design for your products, landing pages for your new offer, or designs for your new merch line? Design Lab is perfect for small businesses looking for ongoing design support on a consistent basis.

If you are ready to bust out a big project and want an entire day dedicated to your brand and your brand alone Design Days are for you!

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Marketing Bundle

Stay #droolworthy everywhere you go, without skipping a beat.

It’s no secret that everything that goes into marketing your small businesses is A LOT more time consuming than it’s made out to be. From strategy to designing graphics, writing captions, creating a content calendar, cross-promoting your posts, repurposing content, and every little detail in between, social media can be a biiiig headache—especially when you already have so much on your plate!

Maybe you’ve tried some things to simplify the process, but it’s still not quite working out how you’d hoped. In comes Dox Design Marketing Bundle.

Meet the Design Experts (& Hype Squad) Behind Your Brand

Hey, Fur Friends! Kaila here—you know, that crazy dog lady shameless Swiftie you’ve seen on the ‘gram. But even more than my love for dogs, T Swift, and design (ok, maybe not more… but definitely tied!) is my passion for bringing the bold, daring, and purposeful missions and visions of business-owners to life with the power of droolworthy branding and design.

Alongside my trusty team of fabulous (and seriously INCREDIBLE) designers, copywriters, and strategists, we band together every day to turn your unique dreams and vision into something your customers and clients will get excited about. Or, as we like to call it… they’ll be begging for more!

Our Portfolio

We breathe life into your brand’s mission, vision, and values with the power of visual storytelling.

What is your brand vibe.

There may be other brands out there who provide the same kind service or make the same kind of products that you do, but nobody else can do it the way YOU do it. And the best way to differentiate yourself against the competition? By knowing your brand personality

Our Top Dogs clients are what make what we do worth it!

We know you have lots of options out there in the world of professional branding and design firms, and we may be biased, but… we truly believe there’s no team out there quite like Dox.

Yes, we’re maybe the biggest dog-loving design studio on the planet. And yes, our team has decades of combined experience, and helped dozens of brands reach the next level in their business (whatever that looks like for them!)

But what really sets us apart, is our undying loyalty and commitment to being the absolute best branding and design partner to see you succeed. Our goal is to make you feel confident and supported in your dream to make your product or service stand out in the world.