Busy pet professionals, meet Dox Design's monthly Social Media Graphic Pack!

Every month, you’ll receive unique, on-brand digital assets without spending all that moo-lah on custom one-off graphics. If Canva just isn’t cutting it anymore but you’re still ballin’ on a budget, this program is for you. The examples below are just base templates that Dox Design customizes based on your brand standards (color palette, typeface, imagery, etc.) These graphics are always 100% unique to you–guaranteed! 

I want these graphics now!Nah, but I'll take free graphics!

Not sold yet? Check out these examples! 

Style Pack One
Puppy Paws Coffee Company

Style Pack Four
Chole Cole Pet Couture

Style Pack Three
Williamette Valley Canine Convention

Is Your Business…

✔️ Interested in leveraging social media for sales?

✔️ Planning to use email marketing to nurture leads and generate revenue?

✔️ Lacking the right staff support to develop high-value, visually appealing graphic content?

✔️ Not seeing the ideal impact from your marketing campaigns due to lackluster visuals?

✔️ Suffering from inconsistent marketing efforts due to the amount of work it takes to create great content?


    If you have answered YES to any of these questions, our monthly Graphic Pack program is going to be a serious asset to your business’ growth and success in 2019!

    How it Works
    Our monthly Graphic Pack program will save you time, increase the value perception of your brand, and is likely to increase your product or service sales.

    First, we start with a template you select from our six fancy-dancy style packs.

    Then, you give Dox Design your brand elements, or we help you decide what those are!

    Lastly, we customize your graphics using your unique brand and messaging. 

    Still have questions?

    Check out our FAQ below. 

    What is the price of this program?
    Dox Design’s Graphic Pack is only $150 a month! However, we do require a minimum three-month commitment to ensure you see the results you deserve. All great things take time and on average, businesses see more long-term results by using consistent marketing tactics.

    How many graphics do I get?
    You may order up to 20 graphics each month. We have graphics sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog posts, Pinterest, email marketing, and more. Graphics range from cover photos to post graphics, story templates, and beyond—the possibilities are endless! You can also order all 60 graphics up front (to meet the three-month commitment) if you don’t want to order monthly! 

    What is this Style Pack you speak of?
    Our Style Packs are six different base templates we use to create monthly graphics for our Graphic Pack program clients. They are uniquely designed for your brand to ensure they will catch your customers’ attention. Once you pick the style you want for the month, we then edit the base template to match your brand. This means we change the colors, fonts, and even images to match
    YOUR brand. All graphics are 100% unique to you—no two are the same, guaranteed!

    How do we give you our content?
    Once you sign up for our program, we’ll set you up with a super-cool client portal where you can load all your brand information, content, and more. Once we have all the information we need, we will create your graphics and upload them in your portal. You will receive an email from us once they are done—easy peasy! 

    How fast can I get my graphics?
    Once you order your graphics (aka select your style pack) and provide us with the content we need, we’ll have your graphics created, exported, and uploaded into your customer portal within 72 hours. 

    What if I have a change after you create the graphics?
    We get it—shtuff happens! We allow for one round of revision each month for our Graphic Pack customers. Whether it’s an image swap or a text change, we can handle it: simply provide us with all of your feedback together. There will be an additional charge if further edits are required beyond that.

    Help! I don’t know what my brand colors or fonts are. 🙁
    Having consistent branding is the best way to stay top of mind with
     your current customers and help to attract new ones. Having a selected color palette, dedicated fonts, and image style is step one. If you currently don’t have a consistent, instantly-recognizable brand, no worries—that is what our skilled team does over here at Dox Design. Get started on pulling your brand together by clicking here. 

    I’m not sure what to post about or what to say for my 20 graphics.
    Again, not to worry, my friend! Dox Design has a handy-dandy Marketing Calendar you can download that provides content ideas including important holidays and more. You can download it here. If you still aren’t able to come up with content or can’t think of 20 posts, that’s ok, too! The amazing team at Dox Design can help. 

    I don’t have great images of my product or any lifestyle images for my brand.
    Do we have good news for you! We can totally take care of the images for you with a variety of options.

    1. You can send us your products and we can take images for you, or
    2. We can curate a stock photo library for you that has tons of images that reflect your brand style. Just ask us about it when you sign up.

    I love these style packs but I have a specific graphic in mind I wanted for the month.
    Perfect! We love that you are thinking outside of the box. We can definitely create specific, 100% custom graphics for your brand—all you have to do is ask. When you login to your customer portal, you will see a spot to ask for 
    additional graphics.

    Do you only do graphics for pet-related businesses?
    HECK NO! Whatever you sell, whatever your business, whatever your brand, you can sign up for the program. That’s the beauty of it… we can fit the style packs to ANY brand! We just happen to REALLLLLLY love dogs if you can’t tell. 😉 

    What do you say?

    We say it’s time to stand out with our monthly Graphic Pack by Dox Design!