Tell us all about your brand and what styles you want.

New Graphic Retainer Client

  • Below is all the content we will need to get started on your graphics. First we need to know about your brand, then we will ask you about which graphics you want. Tell us a little more about your visual brand below. And if you aren't sure email us at and we can help!
  • We have six base templates you can choose from and each style set is customized to your brand and format you need. You can either specify what style pack you want and what platforms you need your 20 graphics for. If you don't care what style or format we pick just select designers choice and we will pick 20 killer graphics for you. First pick what format you want your 20 graphics in, it can be 20 instagram posts, or 10 Instagram posts and 10 Instagram stories. We will split whatever you pick into 20. EX: If you select all we will do one of each.
    Each style pack has different posts designs we can pull from (text only, text with image, image collage, etc.) We will use those base templates based on your messaging and what style you pick to create your 20 graphics.

Below are the stylepacks you can choose from for your reference.