Why Using Positive Messaging is So Important

Good Vibes Only


In my early days, I worked for a few clients where they wanted a certain promotion and it resulted in some backlash because of the messaging.

I needed the money; I didn’t feel like arguing why I thought we should word it differently; and honestly, I thought no one would see it. Lesson Learned.

The reason they received backlash was because they were promoting their brand by talking down another one. They were promoting what they thought was right by telling others what the “other guy” was doing wrong. Well, 10K comments later, I realized the importance of positivity and wished I had better relayed that to my client.

Now in this particular incident, I actually agreed with their message. But there were better ways to promote what they were trying to say. Some may argue, “Hey it got 10K comments, so it worked!” True, but now some people might have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to your brand, which could take some serious PR work to turn around.

So, what can you do when you have a strongly held belief you want to market to your customers? Remain Positive

For example, say you are a raw dog food company and you really want to have an advertisement that talks about why your food is better than commercial dog food brands.


Don’t Say This …

“Commercial dog food brands are horrible for your dog; make the right decision and buy raw.”

Say This …

“Raw food has proven health benefits for your dog, such as a sleeker coat.”

Don’t focus on what is “bad” about another alternative/product/competitor. Focus on what is better about your product or brand. Keep your brand in a positive light and focus 100% on what you bring to the table.

So the next time you are writing promotional copy to hand over to a designer, stop and really think about what you are saying. Is there a better way to say it? Probably so.

Stuck on your messaging and not sure what to say?

We know some people who can help!

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