#Droolworthy Design

meaning to have a visual brand and designs that makes your customers drool for more.

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Wagg Foods

Today we bring to you a #droolworthy design a little different than the others because we wanted to show you a brand that was recently rebranded and upscaled to the MAX. The difference in this rebrand is as clear as night and day (kudos to the designers over at Robot Food).

It just makes your tail wagg. No pun intended (well, the ‘extra g’ was intended).

We’re talking about Wagg Foods, a dog food brand dedicated to offering a no-frills and no-guilt dog food to loving pet owne

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Woodruff

As summer approaches, the vacation and adventure planning begins as well, which means our next #droolworthy feature needed to embody that spirit. 🛣

If you’ve been following along with our #droolworthy brand features, you might have noticed that each one encapsulates a particular vision. Each brand has used a myriad of components that come together to make each one stand out individually to speak to specific markets of ideal customers.

For example, we’ve talked about…

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Ollie

By now, assuming you’ve been following along with some of our other #droolworthy features (which, if you haven’t… 🤦🏽‍♀️), you may be aware of some of the commonalities amongst the brands that earned the title of a DROOL WORTHY brand with Dox Design.

These features include:

– Clear and powerful messaging

– Purposeful color and font choices

– Visuals and copy that oooooze emotions

So, in an effort to give a spotlight some of the best #droolworthy brands out there, we’re bringing the praise to our friends over at Ollie.

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Soenchie

Earthy, calm, handmade, inviting, natural, homey, warm, gentle, friendly.

Some words to describe this month’s #droolworthy feature.

Try to tell us you actually read the above adjectives to describe the following brand and DIDN’T feel personally invited to learn more.

That my friend…is the power of purposeful branding. We’re using today’s drool-worthy design to actually explain to you the science behind color choices, design details, and just overall vibe.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

We’re talking about Soenchie – A custom, handmade pet bowl maker. As the home page says, Soenchie offers “handmade bowls for the fur kids.” Simple as that.

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Zippy Paws

When it comes to building a pet business that stands out and converts customers online, branding is one of the first words that should pop in your head. Without it, you’re left with inconsistent strategy, messaging, and marketing that can leave your potential customers confused and moving on to the next business!

As a pet care provider or pet product seller, your expertise lies in the product or service you’re selling, right? You may not necessarily know the in’s and out’s of an effective branding strategy. And that’s totally a-okay! If you’re not in the branding business, we don’t expect you to know. Everyone has a specialty and ours happens to be branding and web design.

Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Wild One

As professional designers for the pet industry, we take notice of those pet-related brands that have amazing branding. We’re talking like…#droolworthy design here. These brands deserve to be noticed and appreciated in the hopes that it not only provides you with some tangible steps to enhance your own branding, but that it also inspires you to take BIG action in your own pet business. So, today’s drool-worthy design feature is… WILD ONE!

Wild One gives us the modern and minimalist take on pet products. The brand appeals to the overwhelmed pet parents who end up spending too much time scrolling the Internet or scanning aisles at the store just to find one or two products for their pets. They offer simplistic and quality products, ranging from dog beds and harnesses to poop bag holders and tennis balls. You can even purchase one of their kits, which compiles the necessities into one purchase. To capture this audience, they’ve created a simple, yet elegant branding design that is strategically aligned with their business values.

Do you want to be featured in one of our drool-worthy design blogs? Send us your website and maybe you’ll see yourself in one of our next features.