Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Zippy Paws

When it comes to building a pet business that stands out and converts customers online, branding is one of the first words that should pop in your head. Without it, you’re left with inconsistent strategy, messaging, and marketing that can leave your potential customers confused and moving on to the next business!

As a pet care provider or pet product seller, your expertise lies in the product or service you’re selling, right? You may not necessarily know the in’s and out’s of an effective branding strategy. And that’s totally a-okay! If you’re not in the branding business, we don’t expect you to know. Everyone has a specialty and ours happens to be branding and web design.

This begs the question…what does “good branding” even look like? Let us show you!

Dox Design is featuring the best #droolworthy designs out there to help you gather inspiration for your own brand and business. Sometimes, it really does start with gathering up ideas that you see in other businesses. The only thing we ask before you walk away from this blog post…Read our drool-worthy design features with the intention of taking at least ONE tangible step to enhance your own branding or business. Whether it’s editing your website, piecing together a brand style guide, uplifting your social media, or hiring a branding specialist to uplevel your business, all of these things could change the game for you.

In our last drool-worthy feature, we talked about Wild One, a simple, elegant, and modern approach to the overwhelming task that is selecting pet products.

This time; however, we’re switching it up a little bit and featuring a pet business that is fun, imaginative, and colorful. We’re talking…Candyland or Disneyland status here! 🍭 Are you ready??

Today’s drool-worthy design feature is… ZIPPY PAWS

Right when you arrive on any of their online platforms, whether through Instagram or their website, you’re immediately transported back to the best day of your childhood! The impulse to spoil your doggie with a new plush toy is almost immediate. If your dog could actually speak to you (**cue the popular Disneyland commercials**), they’d be waking you up in bed in the morning yelling at top of their lungs that they want to go to Zippy Paws to get some new toys!

See where we’re getting at here? See how powerful having a drool-worthy design is? It’s powerful people!

Zippy Paws is so successful at targeting those pet parents that have a desire to spoil their puppy to the fullest. How do they do this?

– Childlike color scheming

– Fun and playful content

– Personality and transparency

They even have the cutest toys that your pupper will enjoy. 

Let’s give you some examples. Take a look:

1. The Home Page

Zippy Paws website

I mean, we essentially have all of the necessary components of a fantasy wonderland, right? There’s a rainbow, a castle, a wand, a unicorn, and an ice cream cone. It’s front and center for you to see. They have several collections of toys that they outline in graphics at the bottom of the page. Take a look at their biggest features: we have food, donuts, and alcoholic drinks. Who are they realllly appealing to here? Are these toys for our pets or are they for the pet parents, ready to spoil their pups with a glass of chardonnay?

grid of dog photos

2. The About Page

The fact that Zippy Paws is so childlike, but in a wonderful fantasyland way, they also ooze trustworthiness. They exhibit this by showing the faces behind their brand and telling their story.

woman sitting next to dog on about page of website

You even get to meet the other humans behind the brand. The fun personality of the business and the people who run it is demonstrated with humorous bios and unique job titles. Instead of calling themselves CEO or CFO, they are chief puppy huggers. Instead of stating something generic like why they love dogs, we find out their second favorite animal. Because, I mean, it’s obvious they love dogs the most! 

And it doesn’t even stop there. We get to see the DOGS behind the business. Not only does this show personality, but it also shows that Zippy Paws cares enough about their employees and model pet owners to showcase their own pets! How cool is that?

grid of dogs with information on website

3. Social Media

Their Facebook and Instagram pages just immediately capture fun, creative, and imaginative graphics. The graphics give the viewer the sense that “hey, if I purchase this plush toy for my doggie, he will have just as much fun as they are having!”

This other-worldly creation they’ve built within their brand is so successful and aligns so well with the popularity of spoiling pets as much as children. You can see this in every single Instagram post.

In addition to the graphics, they are able to captivate an engaging audience through storytelling and imaginative copy. Speaking of which, quality branding goes outside of just the visuals. Branding encompasses any method that a business shares their core values.

grid of dog photos

Read Seth Godin’s definition of branding: “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

zippy paws facebook

4. Tradeshow Booth

expo booths

Bright, colorful and immediately recognizable Zippy Paws trade show booth really nails it. Not only do they organize their products in an easily digestible way for the user but they stay true to their brand’s personality. WE ARE OBSESSED. 

Yet another drool-worthy design showcased for all of our amazing readers. We are walking away from writing this blog post a little bit happier. 🌈 Ahhh, the power of branding.

We’ll leave you with this quote from their website:

“Handle every situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.”

What do you think of Zippy Paw’s branding? We’d love to read the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that you felt when experiencing their brand.

Tangible step for you in your own business: what sort of emotions do you want your audience to feel when they come across your website or social media? That’s a great place to start when considering a branding strategy. And if you need help piecing it together, let’s hop on a call!

Do you want to be featured in one of our drool-worthy design blogs? Send us your website and maybe you’ll see yourself in one of our next features.

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