Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Woodruff

As summer approaches, the vacation and adventure planning begins as well, which means our next #droolworthy feature needed to embody that spirit. 🛣

If you’ve been following along with our #droolworthy brand features, you might have noticed that each one encapsulates a particular vision. Each brand has used a myriad of components that come together to make each one stand out individually to speak to specific markets of ideal customers.

For example, we’ve talked about…

Ollie –  A subscription-based dog food service that delivers “healthier food for a healthier dog” in a way that’s positive, free-spirited, and easy. Given that finding healthy and trustworthy options for our pets can be difficult, Ollie uses bright colors and simple design to make it an easy decision for health-conscious pet owners.

Soenchie – A custom, handmade pet bowl maker that offers “handmade bowls for the fur kids” that demonstrates the trusting nature of simplicity. The earthy design of their website and graphics just breathes warmth, trust, and quality, which is EXACTLY what this brand was going for.

Zippy Paws – An inspired and fun dog toy brand that brings us back to the good ole’ days of Disneyland and Candyland. 🍭 They use colorful, fun, and imaginative graphics and colors to REALLY bring their customers back in time, while also allowing them to spoil their well-deserved ‘fur’ children.

Wild One – A modern and minimalist take on pet products. By simplifying their colors, product options, and copy, Wild One speaks to the overwhelmed pet parents who spend WAY too much time walking down the store aisles or scrolling online shops in confusion.

In each of the above examples, we see how their graphics, colors, copy, icons, and more work together to TRULY speak to the customers they want to speak to.

So, as we begin down the path of our next #droolworthy feature, we will be transported into yet another chapter of our lives: adventure.


Follow us down adventure road that is Woodruff Pet Supply!

Woodruff Pet Supply was founded near the Wasatch Mountains of Utah where they sell high-quality Jerky Sticks for your dog. They are simple and straight to the point of speaking to the adventure-ready pet parents. And by adventure, we’re talking hiking, camping, and all things ‘ruff’ and tough.

website screenshot


Website Design

Through their website, Woodruff Pet Supply was able to produce visuals of exactly who they are promoting to – those who enjoy the outdoors, the path less followed, and those who TRULY crave the old rustic roots of American grit.

There’s no fluff or anything extra on their website. You see everything you need to see through their home-page visuals. All you need to do is BUY the product and head out on an adventure with your dog.

Speaking of buying the product, their product pages are also very simple and branded JUST enough. After all, they’re speaking to those who just need it as easy and breezy as the open road of America (*cue the song, Life Is A Highway* 🎶).

dog treat, shirt, hat products


Similarly to their website, their packaging is straight-to-the-point. Woodruff customers don’t need ANY fluff here. They just want to know:

  • What’s inside?
  • Where was it made? (USA, of course)
  • Is it tasty for my dog?

And the packaging answers ALL of those questions in clear writing. Woodruff also walks us through their story of origination on the back of the package, detailing the outdoor spirit and slow-roasted quality of their Jerky Sticks. Heck, they even remind us on the bottom of their packaging that even though it smells delicious, these treats are ONLY for our pets, not for humans! So, stay away. 🙅‍♂️

chicken dog treat package
back label of dog treat bag

Social Media

Lastly, as we can’t NOT mention social media, we bring you to Instagram. Again, they stick to simplicity here. You won’t see upscale branded graphics or a perfectly choreographed feed, but that’s kind of the point. Adventure isn’t planned. Instead of focusing on perfect photos displaying their packaging, they capture the adventure and lifestyle their target market craves – the outdoors with their canines.

instagram page

What do you think? Are you ready for an outdoor summer adventure this summer? Us, too. 🏕

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Do you want to be featured in one of our drool-worthy design blogs? Send us your website and maybe you’ll see yourself in one of our next features.

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