Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Wild One

As professional designers for the pet industry, we take notice of those pet-related brands that have amazing branding. We’re talking like…#droolworthy design here. These brands deserve to be noticed and appreciated in the hopes that it not only provides you with some tangible steps to enhance your own branding, but that it also inspires you to take BIG action in your own pet business!

 So, today’s drool-worthy design feature is… WILD ONE!

Wild One gives us the modern and minimalist take on pet products. The brand appeals to the overwhelmed pet parents who end up spending too much time scrolling the Internet or scanning aisles at the store just to find one or two products for their pets. They offer simplistic and quality products, ranging from dog beds and harnesses to poop bag holders and tennis balls. You can even purchase one of their kits, which compiles the necessities into one purchase. To capture this audience, they’ve created a simple, yet elegant branding design that is strategically aligned with their business values.

Take a look:

1. The Home Page

It’s elegant without being complicated and it’s straight to the point. Not a lot of text is needed and there’s an immediate call to action. This works well for businesses that truly want to capture those leads before the viewer leaves the page. You only have seconds to capture that audience, which is why call to actions work so well as the first thing that pops up without scrolling.

2. The Footer

It’s also clean and simple, which reflects the simplicity of their products. This is what you’d call cohesive branding. It relates to the whole customer experience.

Their target audience: pet owners overwhelmed with the complexity of choosing pet products. To solve that problem, when you get on Wild One’s website, you feel at ease with the simplicity of it all. They have all the necessities of a footer: email signup, social media icons, and important links. Done, done, and done.

3. Popup Store

From a ball dispenser with branded and chic white tennis balls, to minimal window clings, to a branded mural and cushions. This pop-up store was the golden example of how to extend your brand into the physical world.

4. Social Media

Social media can be an area of focus that often gets neglected when businesses update their website branding, but it’s just as important. Having a cohesive brand is essential in order to effectively create an active community around your business. Your brand should be instantly recognizable on every single platform you’re on, and Wild One definitely masters this.

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5. Advertising

Same goes for their advertising. The color palette and consistency is cohesive across every platform. If you were to browse their website, leave the site, and start scrolling through Facebook, you’d easily immediately recognize the brand. According to the oldest marketing traditions and rules, a potential customer needs to see or come across a brand’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy the said product/service. You can see how this relates to having consistent branding across all of your platforms! The more recognizable and united, the better.

Well, there you have it! We are a sucker for drool-worthy design and Wild One is SUCH a great example of an effective branding strategy.

I mean, it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a complicated and ornate website when they are promoting to overwhelmed pet parents trying to decide between the unlimited amount of pet products out there, right?? Simplicity is everywhere in this brand: in their products, their color palette, their text use, their branding, their message, etc.

What do you think of Wild One’s branding? We’d love to hear your opinions.

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