Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Wagg Foods

Today we bring to you a #droolworthy design a little different than the others because we wanted to show you a brand that was recently rebranded and upscaled to the MAX. The difference in this rebrand is as clear as night and day (kudos to the designers over at Robot Food).

It just makes your tail wagg. No pun intended (well, the ‘extra g’ was intended).

We’re talking about Wagg Foods, a dog food brand dedicated to offering a no-frills and no-guilt dog food to loving pet owners who just want what’s best for their fur child.

With the overwhelming dog food saturation out there and the craziness of figuring out which ingredients need to be in or out of our pets’ dog food, it became clear to Wagg that they needed to position themselves differently. They clearly wanted to be seen as THE dog food to buy in an effort to help increase pet owners’ confidence in the foods they purchase for their dogs.

I mean…what pet owner has NOT experienced second-guessing dog food brands or keeping an eye out for which dog food has a recall now? It’s one of the hardest things to purchase for our pups as we only want the best for them (hopefully without the extra large price tag) and the reputation of many of them are not held in the best light.

Wagg’s rebrand is addressing just that, with a clear emphasis on what’s necessary for your pet’s well-being in a fun and playful way that reduces the stress of choosing the right brand.

Ready to see their clear, simple, and fun brand in action? 

Let’s do it!


Wagg Foods Homepage

Their website keeps everything insanely simple. What you see above is essentially their whole homepage. The menu is small up to the right corner in case you want to learn more. If not, you can simply choose from one of their 5 dog food lines to learn more. 

Wagg clearly states that their food contains “everything your dog needs and nothing it doesn’t.” It’s really just that simple.

From there, the navigation can take you where you want to go. Simply click on the type of food you’re interested in and you can learn more about the health benefits, the feeding guide, and where to buy the food.


Wagg Foods Social Media

Their new branding is consistent across all platforms, which definitely deserves some bonus points from us. #droolworthybonuspoints


This playful color palette is on point 👌. They use these colors at the forefront of their brand to show their simplicity, playfulness, and trustworthiness. Wagg doesn’t need AMAZING imagery or insanely CREATIVE campaigns as the whole goal here is to be as clear and simple as possible (of course, in a fun and trusting way 😜). And, they’ve definitely accomplished that.


Overall Packaging / Visuals

We couldn’t end this blog post without touching on their packaging because Robot Food did a stellar job at capturing the essence of what’s needed in the pet food industry = trust and inclusivity.

The imagery isn’t obvious or overdone, yet it’s perfectly reflected by wagging tails. And not just any dog tail. It’s every sort of dog tail you could imagine, which we feel is there to let every dog owner know that their dog food is right for their dog, regardless of the breed, size, age, or anything else for that matter!

Final Thoughts

Zoe Harper, Brand Strategist at Robot Food, mentioned that “research revealed dog owners were being made to feel guilty about what they fed their dogs, especially if they weren’t buying the most expensive products…Not only this, customers were faced with a confusing dog food aisle that lacked structure or direction.”

Pro Tip for all of our pet industry peeps out there reading this: When looking to create a brand or rebrand your business, take a look at what’s going on inside and outside of your industry. What are pet owners feeling when it comes to similar products or services? What are the main pain points of not just your type of offering, but as pet owners in general? What are their frustrations? 

This is the perfect starting point when it comes to beginning a new brand or rebrand and Wagg is the perfect demonstration of this.



Props to the experts over at Robot Food Design Agency for capturing the pet industry so well for those pet parents who just want what’s best for their pets and nothing else. Oh, and without the extra large price tag we’ve become accustomed to for quality! 

What do you think of the rebrand? What seems like a simple rebrand above has completely changed the game for dog food brands. The new logo is clean, playful, and yet very professional and robust. We LOVE it.

And hey, if you’re wondering how you can get a rebrand that just changes the game of your pet industry niche, Dox Design is here to help! Click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation where we can go over how your rebrand can change everything.

We’ll leave you with this lovely graphic from Wagg’s social media (heck yes to branded social media graphics!).

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