Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Soenchie

Earthy, calm, handmade, inviting, natural, homey, warm, gentle, friendly.

Some words to describe this month’s #droolworthy feature.

Try to tell us you actually read the above adjectives to describe the following brand and DIDN’T feel personally invited to learn more.

That my friend…is the power of purposeful branding. We’re using today’s drool-worthy design to actually explain to you the science behind color choices, design details, and just overall vibe.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

We’re talking about Soenchie – A custom, handmade pet bowl maker. As the home page says, Soenchie offers “handmade bowls for the fur kids.” Simple as that.

The Science Behind Brand Colors

According to a study, up to 90% of snap judgments that people make about products are solely based on color alone. That’s right, 90%. We don’t take that lightly. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of Dox Design’s branding process because color choice(s) evoke very specific feelings, emotions, or opinions in viewers and potential customers. Those perceptions evolve into purchase decisions.

In Soenchie’s case, we’re looking at green and tan. Deep green is the color of nature and serenity. Tan evokes earthy, natural, and handmade perceptions.

website screenshot

Does this confirm the feelings and perceptions that we discussed earlier? We think so, too! A job well done if you ask us.


The Science Behind Design Details

Yes, branding for your pet business extends wayyyy beyond just picking a logo. We’ve discussed this before in the 5 ways you can successfully brand your pet business, here.

It’s all in the details and right now, we’re here to talk about brand icons as Soenchie does such a stellar job with them!

handmade with love icons

Icons are a unique way for your brand to seamlessly provide valuable information and meaning without having to explain in detail.

In terms of Soenchie’s brand, you see the above icon throughout the whole brand. In fact, this icon shape is used in their logo as well. We’re able to extract so much valuable information about the brand just from the above.

– The green color exudes nature and earth.

– The soft ridges in the circle give the impression of the quality and care that comes with handmade products.

– The graphic in the middle of each icon tells a story (left to right):

  1. The pet bowls are easy to wash
  2. Each pet bowl is custom
  3. The pet bowls have nature’s quality in them, instead of harmful toxins or BPAs
  4. The pet bowls are made with love and are made to last

BONUS: If you’re an international seller of pet products, icons can be a great way to communicate with your audience across language barriers.

When creating your own brand icons, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just randomly come up with a symbol for each brand value. Our advice?

Make sure it’s meaningful, simple, easily recognizable, aesthetically pleasing, consistent, and unique. If you need some help with piecing together your brand icons, Dox Design has your back.

The Science Behind Your Businesses’ #Vibes

We can chat about the design details all day. We can give you all of the tangible steps needed to create a perfect pet business brand and website. We can provide you with all of the tools to get you there.

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a compelling brand vibe is to create purpose within your business. What’s the drive for your business, besides making money? What’s your mission?

When you engage with Soenchie, it’s pretty obvious that she’s in it for more than just a paycheck. She’s in it to:

– Do what she loves, pottery, for those she loves the most, pets!

– Create beautiful handmade, non-toxic, and quality products for pet owners.

– Offer simplicity in our lives and our buying process.

She does this through her colors, her icons, and her overall vibe of warmth and simplicity. And of course, as our other #droolworthy features, this vibe is consistent across all platforms, as you can see below.

Soenchie’s Social Media:

soenchi facebook page
pictures of bowls

Soenchie’s Packaging: 
(pssttt…you know we love quality packaging)

bowl in a gift box

Soenchie’s Product Displays:

bowls on display


Soenchie does an amazing job of capturing our hearts and our trust. In other words, we’re on our way to order a handmade pet bowl for our Dox Design design office. 😉

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