Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Paws

Let’s have a round of paws for this special #droolworthy feature!

We’ve talked before about the endless and overwhelming amount of pet supplies out there in store aisles (specifically in our Wild One brand feature – if you haven’t read this one, you really should 👌). Pet parents scrounge the internet trying to find the perfect food, the right size bag, and the time to even get it home and in the dog’s bowl without paying for an expensive raw dog food subscription service. 

Then also comes the trouble of finding reputable and affordable dog food and treats we can actually trust. We get it. We’re pet parents, too!

So, when we found a pet brand that does an amazing job of capturing both of these pain points AND had a stellar rebrand, we KNEW we had to feature it on our #droolworthy blog!

Let’s put your paws up for this one and chat about…


(and yes, this is why we used some overly cheesy puns in this post 😉)
P.S. Shoutout to Koto for implementing great design work for this pet brand!


First things first, what do they offer?

Paws is a subscription service that actually allows you to build your own pet food box! Instead of one option, you’re able to pick and choose what you want and how often you want it delivered. Not only that, but they walk you through which food options might be best for your dog given his age and size!

paws website screenshot
paws parenting course website page


Pet parents are now able to get the food they specifically choose delivered to their front door when they know they need it next. Onto the next pain point…which food is best for my pet? Education is a BIG piece of PAWS, which is why they dedicate a lot of their web pages to educating their audience on puppy parenting, choosing foods for their pets, and what to look for when deciding on a brand!

Logo Design and Illlustrations

So, now that we know a little more about the brand and what they offer, let’s chat about how their branding and design work together with their mission to educate and make pet parenting fun, as it should be!

And what says fun better than bright bubble letters!?

dog sitting in front of logo background
red paws logo
red paws logo with paw print

Couple this with the fact that we’re talking about and looking at a paw print with this logo, we’re just over-the-top in love. Dox Design is LOVING the creative take on the paw that you see everywhere in the pet industry. Instead of steering clear from the typical pet imagery, they tackle it headfirst in such a unique way, which…major props! 👏

The round edges, the bold colors, and childlike imagery and illustration – how does this not scream playful, warm, and irresistible?

large dog poster on city building
paws website screenshot
subscription box instructions

Interactive Design 

Okay, so the brand is fun. Cool. What else?

Well, good for us, Paws is more than just a fun pet brand. They’re also here to educate pet parents in an easy and interactive way. Forget the overwhelm, shall we?

Right when you begin your interaction with Paws, you’re greeted with wonderful ways to learn more about how to be the best pet parent possible! Plus, when you move forward and start building your pet’s box, you get advice from veterinarians each step of the way. Impressive, Paws!

Plus, it’s always wonderful to see the faces behind the scenes, especially when it comes to a business that tries to find you quality brands of pet food, am I right!? Not only are we getting advice, but we’re also seeing the face and name behind the advice and seeing that they are certified veterinarians.

website screenshot
ecommerce store screenshot

Social Media & Email Marketing 

Okay, onto the other platforms. We’re truly impressed to see the way they’ve integrated their brand across multiple social media platforms and even onto print materials and packaging. Between the colors, fonts, white space, and fun originality, everything is branded to a tee! 

For a brand that really wants you to feel special for choosing to be the best pet parent possible, they sure do a great job! When you sign up for their email list, you’ll be greeted with love and celebration! Everything about the brand from start to finish is so put together and trust us customer notice!


grid of dog photos


paws email

Packaging and Print Materials

And, we can’t forget about packaging and print materials. Playing off the shapes of the logo Paw does a great job keeping their brand’s energy throughout every touch point. This is a great example of a flexible brand identity that can be reused over and over without looking tired. 

Brand Elements and Final Thoughts

One last thing we wanted to mention. Remember when we chatted about brand icons? In case you don’t, feel free to reference our #droolworthy feature on Soenchie – it’s important stuff!

Brand icons are there to provide valuable information and meaning without having to explain in detail. So, since we know that Paws is there to provide quality food for you (without you having to do endless and overwhelming research), the design agency created a unique way for Paws to capture their expertise. And that’s through their Paws Approved badge. In essence, Paws is able to present themselves as a reputable and educated brand that only recommends and offers products that we can trust. It’s like a seal of approval for those health-conscious pet parents!

What could make it easier, folks? In yet another display of #droolworthy branding, we give major kudos to the design agency, Koto, on this one. And if you’re looking for a customizable, build-your-own pet food subscription service, look no further than Paws. 

paws approved stamp with description

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