Drool-Worthy Design Feature: Ollie

By now, assuming you’ve been following along with some of our other #droolworthy features (which, if you haven’t… 🤦🏽‍♀️), you may be aware of some of the commonalities amongst the brands that earned the title of a DROOL WORTHY brand with Dox Design.

These features include:

– Clear and powerful messaging

– Purposeful color and font choices

– Visuals and copy that oooooze emotions

So, in an effort to give a spotlight some of the best #droolworthy brands out there, we’re bringing the praise to our friends over at Ollie.

Ollie is a subscription-based dog food service, delivering “healthier dog for a healthier dog” and they do so in such a positive, free-spirited, and easy way that’s contagious.

Let’s walk through their brand and highlight some of the things they REALLY do well, shall we?



Ollie’s Website

Once you land on Ollie’s home page, you’re immediately triggered with positive energy through their bright colors and imagery, their minimal use of text, and overall simplicity. There’s one call-to-action button, which makes their process very simple. After all, as consumers, we want things to be easy, right.

website on mobile, and tablet


Ollie’s Process

As more and more pet owners begin learning about healthier options for their dog food, the overwhelm can also start to creep in, especially as we also learn about the dangers of the ‘not-so-healthy’ options. Ollie strives to keep this process simple for pet owners, which is clear throughout their website. This is the power of clear and purposeful messaging, my friends.

They outline the exact process needed to use Ollie as well as clearly list who they are as a business and brand.

Ollie website homepage
Ollie recipe page

Ollie’s Social Media 

Ollie does a really great job at keeping their branding consistent across all platforms, which is something we love to get across at Dox Design. These key touches can really make a difference when it comes to brand recognizability and personality.


Ollie pinterest page

Their Pinterest page is full of useful and fun information for all pet owners, whether it’s directly related to their food or fun activities you can do with your dog. A business is not a brand unless it encapsulates personality and messaging, which Ollie does well. There is more to a healthier dog than just healthy food, and they know that, which is why they are able to reach out to such a large number of people through their content.


pictures of dogs eating food

You know Dox Design loves a good Instagram page (we highlighted 5 awesome pet brands KILLING it on Instagram here). Ollie does a phenomenal job of keeping their Instagram page fully branded with an amazing bio and carefully crafted content imagery and text.


Ollie's facebook page

Their Facebook Page furthers their essence of fun and liveliness, as they creatively use their captions and posts to promote their brand. A big portion of their content comes from client stories, which not only provides MORE social proof but is also able to add personal touches to their brand.

Ollie’s Packaging: 

When it comes to pet business packaging, Dox Design knows what’s up and to Ollie, we say… ”we see you!” How great is their packaging? It’s popping with color, humor, simplicity, and personality. Even if this box does not end up on your doorstep, you can see it from the sidewalk on your own dog walk. This is called INSTANT recognizability. The text is so large that you can read it from far away, thus increasing their exposure with every delivery.

(pssttt…you know we love quality packaging)

branding package
small dog sitting on box
packaged dog food

Shout out to Communal Creative in New York for this brand. You can check out more of there project here

Photo Credit: Henry Hargreaves, Kent Rogowski

If you’re looking to boost your pet brand’s personality, look no further than Ollie! A job well done, we must say. Staying consistent and effective through different online platforms, physical packaging, and advertising is no easy feat. As pet branding and design experts, Dox Design knows this well. So, bravo, Ollie, braavvvooo! 👏

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