We Don’t JUST Do Branding & Web Design: Dox Design Pet Business Portfolio Showcase!

As a branding and web design agency for the pet industry, Dox Design works with many pet businesses in an effort to boost sales and increase awareness for their brand.

But, did you know Dox Design does more than just web design and branding?

We also help our clients with:

Non-profit fundraising events
Social media graphics and advertisements
Packaging, print materials, and promotional items

Branding goes beyond a great website and brand style guide. There are other factors and necessary components that go into completing a comprehensive brand, such as social media graphics and packaging. And if you’re a  brand that’s on top of it all, you may have events or campaigns going on throughout the year, which should also be consistent across all platforms and touch points that a customer experiences. If you’re looking for something a little more refined and specific compared to a full branding overhaul and new website release, we’ve got your back, too. And we’d love to show you exactly that.

What else do we do?

Non-profit fundraising event materials

Have an upcoming fundraising event you need help with? We offer comprehensive print and online materials you need for your event.

raise the woof event poster
raise the woof invitation

Social Media Graphics 

If you need social media graphics or header cover photos, awesome sauce! We love creating these! Here are examples of simple and professional social media cover photos we can create:

we are the pet industry revolution banner
jingle paws photoshoot banner


Creating advertisements is a great way to increase sales and boost awareness – whether for page banner advertisements or Facebook advertisements. Here are some popular examples:

we treak you and your pet like a star poster
From bite size to full bowls flyer

Packaging, Print Materials and Promotional Materials (OH MY!) 

From postcards and flyers to postcards and t-shirts, we can do it all!

In fact, packaging is one of the most important investments in your business if you are selling pet products or promoting your pet business. Don’t believe me? Read why packaging is actually so important and how to stand out on the counters.

Beer City Pup logo
woman and small dog

There you have it! For all of your branding, packaging, and event material creation needs, we are here. One of the most overwhelming things as a pet business is to figure out how to outsource, to whom, and for what.

We totally understand that.

It gets even more complicated when you have multiple businesses to outsource to and they all need to collaborate with one another. That is why we offer a full-service branding and design business, so you don’t have to worry about the extra stuff  that weighs you down as a busy pet industry entrepreneur.

So, do you want some FREE graphics for your pet business? Heck yes, you do! Click here to gain access to 10 social media graphics for your pet business!

We are so passionate about what we do and we know you are, too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in the pet industry, right? We created Dox Design in an effort to connect with more pet businesses, especially the ones that provide happiness to our own pets and have innovative products or services that we would be honored to help grow.

We also understand that your needs go beyond a one-time branding overhaul, which is why we’re here for the events that pop-up, the campaigns that are created to boost sales, and the products that need branding to increase awareness. A complete brand equals a successful brand, so let’s make it happen!

If you have an event coming up or need extra help with your advertisement graphics creation, we’d love to hear about it. Get on a free 15-minute call with us today.

Ready To Command Your Brand?