Why You Should Hire a Professional Designer

and Not Your Cousin 

Imagine this, you’re driving down the road minding your own business and all the sudden your car starts smoking. You have two choices; you can call a professional mechanic to diagnosis the problem, or you can call your second cousin because they “kind of know” about cars and it will probably be easier and cheaper.

Now, I am sure you know exactly where I am going with this analogy. When you need something like your car fixed, you go to a professional, such as a mechanic. Not your cousin.

If you need to fix a design problem for your company, it shouldn’t be any different

Do you have a design problem that needs fixing? Or maybe you need help to even get started with branding for your company. Let’s talk about why you should hire a professional designer (like Dox Design), rather than go with another option even if it seems easier or cheaper.


A Professional Designer can Help Minimize Some Tasks

Small business owners, are you currently trying to DIY all your visual communications while also running your business? For most small businesses, sitting down and creating an ad you need next week is the last thing you want to do! So you hurry up, cut some corners and put something (anything) together just so you can check the task off your to-do list. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong way to go about it and could end up costing you moremoney down the line, or worse, cost you precious sales.

For a professional designer (like me), we see this ad as an opportunity! We can help you turn what you see as a pesky marketing task into something that effectively catches your ideal customer’s eye which then converts into sales.


We Have the Tools Needed

Oftentimes, small business owners quickly create visuals for their marketing in software such as Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint because it is something they are familiar with and can easily access. The problem is that these are the wrong tools to get the effective results you really want. It would be like a mechanic using a screwdriver instead of a lug wrench to change a tire. Sure, it might still get the job done, but in a very sloppy way which could lead to even more repairs. In much the same way, designers have specific tools for effectively laying out content, tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, that are meant to get the job done right. This will lead to better-looking results and FASTER (because professional designers are trained to use these tools).


We Help Keep Your Brand Consistent

If you find yourself muddling your way through the marketing for your business, or if you are constantly bouncing from freelancer to freelancer, this can lead to an inconsistent brand. You could end up with multiple colors, fonts and images that don’t go together. Everything that goes in front of your customer should scream your business name, branding and messaging. It should give them a certain positive feeling and be instantly recognizable. This is hard to do when you don’t have a professional who understands your brand.

A professional designer can bring all your ideas to life and help bring order and consistency to all your designs. From selecting a color palette to suggesting the best fonts to use in your marketing materials, a designer will help you find the right “feel” for your business and will deliver consistent results.

So, next time you are looking at your logo thinking you need an update, don’t call your cousin; call me! (Hi, I’m Kaila the creative mind behind Dox Design Studio; it’s so nice to meet you!)

Well, unless your cousin is a designer.

Have a design problem that needs fixing? Send us a note.


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