Design Trends - To follow them or not?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from history, it’s that trends come and go. We don’t have to look much further than fashion to know this to be true. For all my fellow millennials out there, we know how trendy skinny jeans used to be, and now (apparently) it’s cringy. The really cool kids stick to wearing baggy jeans these days….duh. 😉



The point we’re trying to make is that trends don’t stick around in most scenarios, including graphic and web design trends. Here’s how your brand can tell which trends to follow, and when to leave a bad fad alone.


Great designers don’t ignore design trends; they study and understand them in order to better their work. However, some designers focus more on new trends than others. What should you do?


Be flexible

The ability to be flexible as a brand lets you keep up with the latest trends, always stay relevant, and constantly reinvent yourself. When something new is trending in the design world, you can jump on board and incorporate them into your designs. Not every trend is worthing hopping on, so it’s important to have a solid foundation built within your business. If you’re clear on your values, mission, and target audience, you will know when the inclusion of a new trend is appropriate for your business or if you should avoid it. 


Be a leader

Go against the grain! Take some time to do research on your industry and competition – figure out where you can fill the void and flip the design script. Don’t be afraid to do something different. This isn’t the right approach for everyone, but if it aligns with your core values as a brand, it might be a great opportunity to position yourself as a leader. Remember to stay mindful of overall trends, even if you are going against the grain. Trends are trends for a reason! If you’re going to go your own way, make sure you don’t go backwards!


Start Strong

We’ll keep this quick and simple. If you’re investing in someone to help you with your brand design, make a careful decision. Invest in a designer that knows how to apply trends uniquely to each brand. There are a lot of very talented designers out there, but do they go above and beyond to understand the elements of your business that make you unique and should be incorporated into your brand? Dox Design Does! 😉 If you start smart, you won’t have to pivot your brand with each and every new trend that comes out.


Consider if it’s only short-term

Most brands are a short-lived hype that is quickly and easily forgotten. Taking in mind how quickly design and trends change, it is not a surprise that something that is “trending” today can already be a forgotten trend tomorrow. Specific fonts, color palettes, and  significant events mean nothing when taken out of context and after the hype train has passed.


So, when you’re considering whether to follow a trend in design, think about these two things:

  • Is it the right time or will you have to rebrand again in a year (and if so, do you want to do that)?

  • Is it in line with my overall values as a business (yes we keep coming back to this, but hopefully you know how important it is now)!


To wrap it up

Trends can be useful and create momentum, but they aren’t always worth following. Sticking to your brand values should always come in first place. 🏆️

If a trend seems like one your target audiences would find interesting and relevant, then you can allow your brand to experiment with some creativity. However, if it has nothing to do with your ideal customers, stick to the guidelines.

At Dox Design, we make it a priority to keep a close eye on design trends. We can’t tell you what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ in terms of trends, all we can do is give you a second opinion and our expert advice. We’re here to help. 

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