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From making it into more retail spaces to turning heads online and on the shelves, our unique branded packaging solutions help your brand strike up a conversation.

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What Does Our Custom Packaging Design Include? 
3-4 weeks starting at $1,500 

Each product is unique and calls for a one-of-a-kind solution. While there is no one-size-fits-all option here, here is an idea of some of the packing designs we have done before:

Product Backers
Have a product you need displayed for retail or your own store but you’re not able to find an online solution? Don’t sweat—our team is here for you! We will customize a solution unique to you and your product. From ideation to creation to printing coordination, our team will get you what you need. 

Flex Pouches / Bags
From food and beverage to beauty brands and more, our team will design a flex pouch or bag that stands out from your competitors! Using online providers for printing our team will download the dieline, create the artwork, and coordinate the printing for your stunning new flex pouch!

POP Displays
Need a full Point of Purchase Display designed? Our team is on it! Not only can we design the individual packaging design for your product, but we can also design the display it is showcased on!

Labels and Hangtags
Need a smaller packaging design like a label for a container or hangtags for your apparel? Or team would love to help with a smaller solution—just reach out!

*Not seeing what you need? Just mention it on our form and we will let you know if it is something our team can help you with. We love creating unique and personal packaging solutions!

Our Custom Packaging Design Process…

Please apply for packaging design at the end of this page and give us as much detail as possible if we think your brand is a good fit we will move forward. *Note if we don’t think there is enough assets in your brand for our team to work with we will ask for you to go through our Branding Program first.

Prototyping Packaging Solutions

To start the process we will first discuss what your product is and what packaging solution you need. From there, we will start prototyping creative solutions for you. If an online solution (such as a flex pouch) can be used we will move on to the next step. If we will be doing custom dielines (something out of the box) our team will start prototyping ideas and present them to you. 

Dieline Creation or Vendor Selection

If we decide an online provider is appropriate based on our proposed solutions, we will select a vendor and collect any files we need. If we decide to move forward with a custom solution, our team will physically create the dielines for you by measuring your product, doing multiple thorough trials, and getting it to that pixel-perfect state to start applying the artwork.

Artwork Presentation & Printing Coordination 

Once we have landed on a finalized dieline or vendor, our team will work on the fun part—designing the artwork! From there, we will present you with our packaging options. Once we have a final solution, we will apply all final artwork and ship it off to the decided upon printer

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Working with Dox has been a game changer. They are visionaries and pros at what they do! Not only can they create you the packaging of your dreams, but they are the friendliest and most responsive team while doing it. So glad we decided to invest in our brand and packaging by trusting the best to do it 🙌🏻  “

The Modern Dog Co.

“Dox Design helped transform our business by enhancing our customer experience and defining our vision in our packaging design and brand, we can’t say enough positive things about this talented team of female designers they were incredibly responsive in their communication and helped put us in touch with vendors making the whole process streamlined and fun!”

Eola Pets

Dox Design is you’re go to. They transformed my old packaging into beautiful unique pieces that will definitely make me stand out. When you start a business your so used to doing everything you tend to not focus on some of the most important features of your brand. Allowing Dox to take control and improve upon my packaging was one of the best decisions I could make for my business

Modern Companion

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