Client Spotlight - Lucky Dogs Canine Services

What does it even look like to work with us? What situations can we help with? What problems can we solve along the way?

To help you see the branding and web design process of Dox Design, we are diving into the client experience of Lucky Dogs Canine Services.

Amy came to us from Lucky Dogs Canine Services wanting a way to consolidate her two separate web experiences and uplevel her brand personality.

She knew they were struggling and lacking in the following areas:

– Having an easily navigable website

– Finding a strategic flow and user-experience

– Creating a mobile-friendly version of the site

– Building a brand story and a brand personality

– Piecing together a successful brand across multiple platforms

As you will see below, Dox Design does a lot more than just compile a logo, some colors, and a website together.

There’s a purpose behind every single thing we do.

See how we helped below.

Home Page Before:

Home Page After:

We worked hard to cohesively bring together both their services AND their pet supplies into one consolidated website and brand. It’s organized in a way that makes it easy to navigate based on your interests.

We also added in more brand personality through clever copy (pun intended 🍀), updated photography, and an easily navigable structure of text and visuals.

When we talk about using templated sites for your pet businesses (e.g. veterinarian templates from a platform like VetMatrix), we discuss the fact that you miss out on so much customization and uniqueness as a brand. This is extra evident with the previous home page of their services website.

About Page Before:

About Page After:

An essential component of any successful brand is a brand story, which Lucky Dogs was previously missing. Without this, there is no human or story behind what you do and it will be much, much harder for your potential customers to resonate with what you do.

As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.”

Service Page Before:

Service Page After:

Previously, Lucky Dogs’ services pages seemed incomplete and did not provide the necessary information prospective clients want to see when browsing for pet care services (like pricing, what your services include, etc.). The updated website outlines everything you need to know before committing to their services, which ultimately provides for more aligned clients inquiring or booking with you.

We also worked on streamlining more effective call-to-actions (CTA’s) throughout their website, so potential clients would know when and how to reach out in a way that was simple for them to complete. After all, the easier your process, the more inquiries you allow in the door.

Shop Page Before:

Shop Page After:

Previously, customers had to purchase products on a different website online – it was a disjointed experience with two looks. Now, customers can shop online in an organized way that separates products for humans and products for pets. Not only does this upscale the brand by making it more legitimate and professional, but it allows expands their profit potential by serving customers outside of their area (or let’s face it, people who don’t want to leave their couch to buy pet products 🛋).

We worked very closely with Lucky Dogs Canine Services to really pull together a brand that spoke to their vision, created a user-friendly experience, and most of all, generated an effective strategy for growth and pet industry success.

As branding and web designers, Dox Design strives to help pet business owners learn and realize what a brand really is. It’s one of the most important things we get across as designers, and as we work with clients, we’re able to see it resonate and become a part of how their businesses grow in the future. Lucky Dogs Canine Services now sees our work as a baseboard for their brand that melts across other platforms and into their products, their words, and most of all, their vision as they move forward.

To check out our work with Lucky Dogs, click here.

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