Branding is More Than a Logo


I have seen it too many times. A brand finds a premade logo on Pinterest or Creative Market and replaces the “Your Name Here” with their business name. They then slap it on everything and think, “Our marketing is done!”

To be honest, before I went through four years of design school, I wouldn’t have seen a problem with this. We all have to start somewhere right? Budgets are limited and time is limited. So why wouldn’t you use the cheap, ready-made option?

Let me you why.

Customers take one look at your product packaging, website, business card, etc., and form an opinion in about 10 seconds. Think back to a time your dog needed to be groomed and you were searching through the business cards you had. Now, imagine seeing the same premade logo three times in a row (this has happened to me by the way!). The same colors, fonts, and generic statement about how they “Provide the best care for your best friend.” Pretty boring right?

Here’s a very valuable lesson I cannot stress enough. Marketing is the first thing your customers see. (And it’s often the area business owners invest the least amount of time and money.) Let me repeat, IT IS THE FIRST THING CUSTOMERS SEE and the very thing that helps them form an opinion about your business!

Imagine that same customer going through that same stack of business cards again and instead of the same three logos, one stands out. It is a unique, custom-made mark, with a typeface that evokes a positive emotion and an eye-catching color palette that matches. It is the small things, the details that will catch your ideal customers’ attention. It isn’t just the logo, but the way everything is presented together as a consistent package or message.

Now granted, it also helps to differentiate your messaging with a strong brand statement about why you do what you do. Believe it or not, people actually read that stuff and take it to heart. You need to catch their eye to even get them to that point. If you are contributing to the sea of “sameness” by using a premade logo, you aren’t going to catch their eye and the potential sale ends there. 

I am sympathetic to those businesses who don’t have the marketing budget to create a custom logo, especially in the beginning. So, below are some small steps you can take to make sure you don’t fall into the sea of sameness.

Combine the Logo with Another Graphical Element

By “graphical element,” I mean use a pattern, color overlay, or shape that plays off the logo. It isn’t enough to put the logo in the center of the card and call it a day! Be unique. If your logo is a circle, play off it!

Be Consistent

Keep it simple, keep it clean. It is good to have some variety across your materials, but not too much! At a minimum, use a consistent typeface for both headlines and subheadlines; and another typeface for body copy. Also, use no more than 4-5 colors in your palette. Remember, less is more.

Consider a Rebrand

I know, I know! I just said I would give you some simple steps and this seems like a scary, daunting task. But I promise, we at Dox Design will hold your hand every step of the way. The best way to ensure you will stand out from your competition is to consult a professional. (Hi that’s me, nice to meet you!) So take that premade logo out of your shopping cart! Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Still not sure? No problem, we’ve got your back!

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