You wanna know the secret sauce to standing out from the pack? 

These days, it takes something extra special to stand out from the competition. Something big, bold, and something that’s dyyyying to be opened!

Elevate Your Brand with A #Droolworthy Box Design

Whether you’re shipping products, sending a client Welcome box, or packaging your treats or accessories to put on shelves at your local retailer, branded packaging is EVERYTHING.

Generic packaging won’t cut it these days. What will REALLY make your brand stand out to your customers are unique, branded packaging solutions that strike a conversation.

What if your packaging could…

Inspire your customers to unbox your packaging online for the whole world to see?

Help you gain more social media followers?

Get more of your followers to become actual CUSTOMERS, and ultimately, get you more SALES?!

It can do ALL of this and more!

Whether you’re a product-based or service-based business, branded packaging design by Dox Design will elevate your entire brand experience, creating a lasting connection with your audience that will be BEGGING your followers to buy!

Our all-new Packaging Design Service will take your business from one of the pack, to the TOP DOG in your industry!


Branded Box Design for Top Dogs

2 weeks starting at $750

1 Custom Packaging Design Concept

We’ll start by gathering all of your brand & design assets, the purpose of your branded box, and desired box sizing. From there, our team will create a custom box design for your business to fit your needs.

Wanna see extra concepts? $250/each

1 Custom Insert & Tissue Paper Design

The unboxing experience isn’t just about what it looks like on the outside—it’s about what’s on the inside, too! Whether it’s a thank-you card, care instructions for your product, or a fun postcard, custom-designed inserts and tissue paper will take your branded boxing experience to the next level.

*Please note: We JUST do the design, we do not print for you! (Although that is coming soon!) We recommend our trusted printing partners Packlane and Uprint once your design is finalized.

The Box Design Process…

Apply for our Packaging Design Program

Complete the form on this page to see if you’re a good fit for our Branded Box Design service. We’ll be looking for information like the purpose behind your branded box, your branding & design assets like logo, color palette, fonts, and more, and the type of box design you’re interested in.

If we think you’re a good fit,

Pick your box size & send us your brand assets

Once your project is officially accepted (yay!), we’ll work together to figure out what type of box size would be best for you based on your needs. Then, we’ll collect all of your brand and design assets, including your logo, color palette, fonts, brand patterns, content and copy for the box, and more to begin the design process.

We get to work & deliver final files!

Once we’ve got all the files and information we need, our team will get started on the fun part! We’ll custom design your branded box, tissue paper, and insert to create a #droolworthy unboxing experience for your audience. When all designs are finalized and approved, we’ll deliver all print-ready files and printing instructions to you in just 2 weeks!

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Working with Dox has been a game changer. They are visionaries and pros at what they do! Not only can they create you the packaging of your dreams, but they are the friendliest and most responsive team while doing it. So glad we decided to invest in our brand and packaging by trusting the best to do it 🙌🏻  “

The Modern Dog Co.

“Dox Design helped transform our business by enhancing our customer experience and defining our vision in our packaging design and brand, we can’t say enough positive things about this talented team of female designers they were incredibly responsive in their communication and helped put us in touch with vendors making the whole process streamlined and fun!”

Eola Pets

Dox Design is you’re go to. They transformed my old packaging into beautiful unique pieces that will definitely make me stand out. When you start a business your so used to doing everything you tend to not focus on some of the most important features of your brand. Allowing Dox to take control and improve upon my packaging was one of the best decisions I could make for my business

Modern Companion

Ready to rise up as a Top Dog with a custom 
branded box design? Apply below!

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