Target’s Pet Line Gets Me Every Time

Boots & Barkley


If you go into Target for a gallon of milk and only leave with a gallon of milk, I applaud you. No seriously, how do you do it?!

I run into Target for mascara or paper towels and an hour and a half later I have a new fall wardrobe and am knee deep in new hand towels, debating what color I should change my bathroom to. It never fails.

Just when I think I have made it and can’t possibly need anything more, I pass the pet aisle. Yeah Target, I see you putting the pet aisle right by the checkout lanes, how dare you?

During my first couple of solo trips to Target, I would grab a bag of bones or some new chew toys. Then suddenly, there was a change! Target recently reinvented their company-owned pet line, Boots & Barkley; and boy, did they hit it out of the park!

Not only did they start ­to carry great dog products (like from BarkShop), they also started to create their own stylish dog beds, dog bowls, collars, leashes, and toys. You name it, Boots & Barkley has it.

As a designer, I am pretty picky about what is displayed in my home; and as an owner of two fur babies, I had to get used to their toys scattered everywhere. Not to mention their beds and food bowls are also out for display.

It pains me to put unoriginal products out in the open. For a while, I was even using white kitchen bowls as their water bowl because I couldn’t find a dish that matched my kitchen. The day I discovered Boots & Barkley, my world changed (okay not my world, but my kitchen sure did!).

I was doing my usual, unnecessary shopping at Target and stumbled across these bowls along with a matching splash mat. HOW FREAKING ADORABLE RIGHT?


From then on, I was hooked Boots & Barkley!

Dog beds, check! Matching harnesses, check! You have to check them out guys, they made a brand loyalist out of me! Something we strive to do for your business at Dox Design.

Want a stylish brand people will blog about? You know what to do (Contact us)!

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