What You can Expect When Working with Dox Design

Welcome to the Pack

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Kaila and I am the founder, head creative, and dog mom of Dox Design Studio. (If you poked around the site, you probably already knew that!)

Now I am sure you are wondering, like many prospective clients before you, how does this “design thing” work? It is such an obscure term, isn’t it? But design is SO IMPORTANT TO SET YOUR BUSINESS APART FROM THE COMPETITION.

Well, keep reading and we’ll answer your questions about how “design” works with Dox Design Studio.

So let’s get to it! There are two paths you can take with us:

1. Visual Branding

• Logos

• Brand colors

• Marketing materials

• Employee swag; and so much more.


2. Digital Branding and & Experiences

• Websites

• Ecommerce sites

• Mobile applications

• Social media; and more.

The Process

When you choose one of these two paths, we will schedule a FREE fifteen-minute brand consulting call. On this call, you will meet the team and answer some questions to help us better understand what exactly you want to accomplish through the work we do. (We’ll also help make sure you choose the right path for what you want to accomplish).

After the call, we’ll ask you to fill out our Branding Questionnaire (the Google Form can be found here, if you want to get a head start). Once you return the completed questionnaire, we will create a complimentary mood board to hone in on a visual direction to show where your website or branding could potentially go.

If you love it, we move forward in the process! Paperwork is sent out to you to review and sign. Once that is completed, we bill half of the package cost upfront (or 25% depending on the payment package you decide on.) Once payment is received, we get to work!

Each project is different and will have an agreed-upon timeline according to what you need (you can dive into those details here.) Regardless of the size of your business or project, we will move through a defined and structured process that includes weekly check-ins, timely replies (and all the hand holding you need) to deliver a successful branding experience to you on time.

So, in a nutshell, that’s how this “design thing” works with Dox Design Studio! Easy, right? If you still have questions, contact us here for more information.