Jordan Piepkow, Dog Dad to Finley and Ferb

Meet the Developer

Dox Design wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for Jordan. He is our genius developer on the team. No matter what crazy thought I come up with, Jordan finds the technologies to make it happen. He puts the finishing touches on all our projects and is the second half in completing any digital branding project we do here. Not only am I lucky to have him as a business partner in Dox Design, but he is also my partner in life (YUCK, cheesy I know!).

We are in the people business! We love our clients and many of them become our close friends. We feel like our clients are an extension of our family. We love hearing about your hopes and dreams for your business, so we thought we would take a few moments here for you to get to know us. So, without further ado, meet the developer, Jordan.

Why did you become a developer?

I always knew I wanted to do something creative. But, for me, the issue was that I sucked at everything I tried that was semi-creative. I tried learning an instrument, painting, drawing and everything under the sun, but nothing really clicked for me. But I was always very technically-inclined. So around the age of 13, I started getting into web development and that really scratched the creative itch for me. With more than a 1000 different ways to solve any one problem, each with their upsides and downsides, I found my career. Actually being a developer is not even a typical “career” for me, because it’s something I am very passionate about.

Favorite thing about working at Dox Design?

How creative the clients are in the dog communities and how much fun they are to work with. Typically, working at a normal studio it’s just a re-skin of the same market websites with this company or that. With Dox, we get some fun projects that really get me excited about the development process.

One thing every small business owner should know?

Playing off of what you always say about how design is the first thing noticed, but often the last thing thought about. Today, development has become the number one focal point for clients. Unlike the 90s where people walked into your brick-and-mortar store that you poured your heart into. Now, people “walk into” your website and you hope they get a clearer feeling and sense of how much of your heart goes into your business.

Your favorite dog product?

Oh man! We have this double leash thing that attaches both of the dogs together and then has a single point that attaches to the leash. It is the best thing we ever purchased. We had some issues with one of our dogs being the absolute slowest walker, while the other dog sprinted everywhere he went. It was quite hard to walk both at the same time; but after the double leash, they keep each other at a good pace and it’s a much easier job for 1-man (or woman to walk them.

What does the term “innovate” mean to you?

As a developer, I absolutely live to innovate. No one wants the same thing that has been done 1000 times before. Every time I write code, I attempt to push the envelope with what I am doing. No one ever came to a developer and said “I want you to make me my own Twitter.” Every person, more than likely, has an idea in their head of a better and more innovative version. With Dox Design, no one has to just accept an “average” ride-the-line website because we definitely like to try and push the boundaries of whatever project we are working on.

What are your hopes and dreams for Dox Design?

To continue to push myself as a developer and learn new things along the way while making clients delighted with their “online brick-and-mortar” presence.

So that, in a nutshell, is Dox Design’s developer. If you want to get to know Jordan, or I, better, just send us a note. Let’s work together! We are always looking to add to our pet-preneur family.