Blog Post Ideas For Your Pet Store

Running a pet store is A LOT of work.

From a designer’s perspective here at Dox Design, it’s always worth it to invest in making sure that even if you have a large selection of different products, you still fall under one cohesive brand.

Of course, that’s something we specialize in here at Dox. But, how can you take this further and enhance your mission and brand?

One way to uplevel your expertise and reputation as a pet retailer is by being strategic with your blog!

I’m sure you know by now how important blogging can be for your web presence, your legitimacy, and your sales. It’s ALL over the internet – heck anytime we mention blogging on our own blog, we make sure to mention its importance.

So, even though we are first and foremost, #droolworthy pet business designers, we ALSO know a thing or two about producing content. We also appreciate the value of content, which is why we wanted to share not 10, not 20, but 33 blog post ideas you can use for your pet store.

(Oh, and if you’re a pet groomer, you can simply head over to our blog post ideas for pet groomers here).

Before we head into specific blog topic ideas for your pet retail business, we want to go over a few general guidelines for blogging:


General Guidelines For Blogging

1. Use an easy-to-read font. This goes without saying, but it’s something a lot of people miss.

2. Be a little more straight to the point than you’d think. For example, it’s actually better to tell us what the blog is about instead of writing “punny” phrases and taglines! 

3. Make sure there’s a point to every single blog post. We don’t just want to come up with creative topics that have nothing to do with growing your business.

4. Make sure each blog post has quality images. If you struggle with coming up with quality graphics for your grooming business, we can help.


How to Get Started With Blog Topics

1. Write down a list of important holidays, including pet holidays, in your calendar year. If you need help with this, download our free marketing calendar and stop the endlesssssssss Google searching.

2. Write down a list of important seasons, like summer vacations or back to school.

3. What are your goals? Are you trying to build brand awareness? Are you trying to become an important part of your local community? Write these down.

4. What do you notice your current customers chatting about? Are they always complaining about shedding or wondering why their dog split their nail?

Once you compile this list, you’ll begin to see some ideas flow.

If and when you’re stuck coming up with blog topic ideas, just head on over to this blog post and get some inspiration. We recommend bookmarking this page, so you can come back to it later!


Blog Topic Ideas For Your Pet Grooming Business

Client Stories

Share before and after photos of pets who have used your products and changed for the better – whether it’s a particular brand of dog food, a new toy to help with separation anxiety, or a calming supplement that has changed the game, it’s important to highlight the successes that other pet families have had because of your products. 

In fact, it’s one of the top influencers in product purchases. By top influencers, we mean that 97% of customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions (FanandFuel). That’s a pretty big deal if you ask us.

Now, this study highlighted a focus on customer testimonials (which is ALSO important), but it’s important to realize the value of taking these stories and really elaborating and showing the change that can actually happen in their own pet’s lives. If they can see their pet in your stories, you’re in really good shape for business growth.


  1. Client Spotlight: How Buddy Overcame Separation Anxiety With Our Calming Spray
  2. Fido’s Obesity Story: How X Pet Store Helped His Weight Loss Journey
  3. What Our Clients Have To Say About X Product


Contrary to most people’s beliefs, the more information you give away, the more likely customers will want it done right with the right products. 

Our advice? Share as MUCH information as you can through your blog. It will pay off big time.


  1. Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet For Your Dog
  2. Choosing The Best CatNip For Your Kitty
  3. The Top 7 Ingredients You Should Look For In Your Dog’s Food
  4. Dealing with Canine Separation Anxiety? The Best Things To Help Ease That Stress
  5. The Ultimate Shopping List For Your Fashionable Dog
  6. Preventing Heatstroke In Your Dog This Summer: 3 Things You Can Do Today
  7. New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need To Know Before You Bring Home Your New Puppy
  8. If your products help with pet health, it can always be a great idea to explain the best foods and nutrition for a dog with…kidney disease, obesity, etc.
  9. Rid Yourself Of An Itchy Dog With These 5 Dog Shampoos


Personal Posts

They say consumers actually purchase from the person behind the business not from the business itself, especially when purchasing from small pet businesses. So, it’s important for people to get to know you and what’s going on behind the scenes! 


  1. Interview each of your staff members, including yourself!
  2. Share your best stories as a pet store owner – i.e what you love about what you do!
  3. Share about a local event you went to (share photos, information, etc.)
  4. Write about pet-related community service you performed and what you did to help your community
  5. Show the process that goes into picking the store items you supply or the process of picking the right ingredients for the food you make
  6. Share ‘a day in the life’ of a pet store operator – people LOVE seeing behind the scenes!
  7. Share WHY you started your business. This means a lot to potential customers.
  8. Share your own pet’s story – Did he lose weight with your dog food? Did he have separation anxiety? Did his condition heal from the products you sell? Did he have an allergy that got better with your product?

Fun Posts

We know we’re talking about professional blog posts, but we’re also looking for personality and human connection in businesses we purchase from. There is ALWAYS a place for fun blog posts.


  1. The FUNNIEST Dog Costumes Our Clients Shared From 2018
  2. Share a video of a dog really excited to try your dog food and tell us a bit about why it’s so tasty and healthy for other dogs out there
  3. Our Clients Share Their Most Embarrassing Pet Stories!
  4. The Best Dog-Friendly Events You Should Attend This Year
  5. Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday In Style (share pictures of a dog birthday party you attended or hosted)
  6. Which Dog Breed Are You According To Your Birthday Month?


There you have it!

We hope this was valuable for you as we understand that sometimes the hardest part about producing content is actually coming up with the topics to begin with!

As a pet store owner and/or operator, we know things can get hectic. That’s why we try to do whatever we can to make running your business as easy as possible! From branding and packaging design to producing websites and helping you with your content, Dox Design has your back.

Need extra help? We’ve got you covered. Set up a call here and we can go over your needs!

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