Blog Post Ideas For Your Pet Grooming Business

So, you finally got your pet grooming business professionally designed. It looks fantastic and you know there’s SO much value and you want the world to see it! You know that means you need to get the word out there and begin marketing.

We’ve all heard how great blogging is for your business. It increases your SEO, helps your website traffic, gets you closer to your business goals, and highlights your expertise and knowledge. We get the picture – it’s great.

But, how do you get started?

How do you know what to write your blog posts about as a pet groomer?

Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with today!

But, before we head into specific blog topic ideas for your pet grooming business, we want to go over a few general guidelines for blogging:


General Guidelines For Blogging

1. Use an easy-to-read font. This goes without saying, but it’s something a lot of people miss.

2. Be a little more straight to the point than you’d think. For example, it’s actually better to tell us what the blog is about instead of writing “punny” phrases and taglines! 

3. Make sure there’s a point to every single blog post. We don’t just want to come up with creative topics that have nothing to do with growing your business.

4. Make sure each blog post has quality images. If you struggle with coming up with quality graphics for your grooming business, we can help.


How to Get Started With Blog Topics

1. Write down a list of important holidays, including pet holidays, in your calendar year. If you need help with this, download our free marketing calendar and stop the endlesssssssss Google searching.

2. Write down a list of important seasons, like summer vacations or back to school.

3. What are your goals? Are you trying to build brand awareness? Are you trying to become an important part of your local community? Write these down.

4. What do you notice your current customers chatting about? Are they always complaining about shedding or wondering why their dog split their nail?

Once you compile this list, you’ll begin to see some ideas flow.

If and when you’re stuck coming up with blog topic ideas, just head on over to this blog post and get some inspiration. We recommend bookmarking this page, so you can come back to it later!


Blog Topic Ideas For Your Pet Grooming Business

Client Stories

• Share before and after photos of your best grooming appointments

• Share a client story of a dog who used to be scared to get groomed who is now happy to see you!


Contrary to most people’s beliefs, the more information you give away, the more likely customers will want it done right by the pros. This means sharing your best info!

• How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

• How To De-Skunk Your Pet

• How To DeSensitive Your Dog To The Nail Clippers

• The 7 Steps To Ensure A Great Grooming Experience For Your Dog/Cat

• What To Do If My Dog Has Mats

• Does My Dog Need His Anal Glands Expressed? (yesss, go there. People WILL click on it!)


People are always wanting to know how businesses get things done, especially when you take a furry and disheveled dog and turn him into a masterpiece! So, we recommend showing people how you go about your process!

Some demonstrations could be:

• Nail Grinding Vs. Clipping: Why We Choose….

• Our Grooming Process

• Tips & Tricks We Use For A Successful Grooming Appointment

Personal Posts

Let’s get to know more about YOU and those working behind the scenes! Some ideas:

• Interview each of your staff members, including yourself!

• Share pictures, stories, events you went to, community service you’ve done, or other grooming experiences.

• Share ‘a day in the life’ of a pet groomer


You’re the expert! Share your tips and favorites!

• The Best Dog Shampoos for Itchy Skin

• DIY Your Dog Bathing Experience

• Our Favorite Bandana Patterns For Black Dogs

Fun Posts

• How to dress your pup up for the holidays (bandanas, ribbons, etc.)

• Share an event that you went to or a community fundraiser where you groomed shelter dogs.


You’re the expert, so don’t be afraid to teach others on grooming topics and beyond!

• Why professional baths are important even if you don’t need regular “grooms”

• How often do I really need to bathe my dog?

• Is coconut oil good for my dog’s dry skin?

• How do I go about choosing a groomer for my pet?

Our biggest piece of advice??

ENJOY the process!

Blogging should be fun – you’re spreading your message, showing that you’re the expert, and educating the community about your passion: grooming and pets!

A lot of us pet parents don’t know much about the grooming world and would love to learn more, so now’s the time. Get out your Word document or notebook and pencil and get started!

Need extra help? We’ve got you covered. Set up a call here and we can go over your needs!

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