All Good Results Require Time Dox Design’s Timeline and How To Avoid Scope Creep

When we start a new project, we collaborate with our clients to develop a course of action that will help them achieve their goals – whether it’s a full strategic rebrand process or creating updated marketing materials. This ensures that we’re on the same page about what the project includes and what the end goal of them is!

Why Dox Is Great At Timelines

1. We make sure we understand the goals you want to accomplish by working with us.

2. We develop a project plan and strategy that will help you achieve those goals.

3. We clearly communicate what work and deliverables are included in the project and our timeline for accomplishing it.

4. We provide transparent pricing for the project.

5. We sign a contract that includes a clear, concise breakdown of the steps above so both parties have a reference of what has been agreed upon.

Why do we worry about scope creep? If it gets out of hand, scope creep can potentially disrupt or distract a project, lead to conflict around cost or deliverables, or potentially cause a project to fail.


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