All Things Community, Content, and Social Media with Tori Mistick of Wear Wag Repeat (2020 Webinar Series)

I’m sure you’ve heard of this girl. And, if you haven’t…well…it’s time to familiarize yourself before watching this interview.

If you ever wanted to learn from the best and brightest in the pet industry all about creating content on social media that helps build a community, you can because Dox Design put together the top brands in the pet space and interviewed them just for you, Fur Friends!

As pet industry designers, we know a thing or two about what a #droolworthy brand can do for your success. No, really! 

So, we decided to pull some of the most valuable pieces from each interview in the Master Your Brand Webinar Series and provide you with some tangible steps you can take to master your brand. For this second interview, the owner of Dox Design, Kaila, sat down with Tori Mistick from Wear Wag Repeat to chat about how to create content that builds a community that will last!

Thousands of enthusiastic dog moms (we’re talking like 60K and growing) flock to Tori’s Instagram page, email list, and online shop, which also supports other dog mom makers! She also hosts the podcast, Wear Wag Repeat, to help inspire other women to work alongside their own dogs. And, if that’s not enough, she also offers online courses built from her own experience to help others grow their online presence.

Okay, let’s get to it because Tori has ALL the info you need to know when it comes to mastering your brand from a content and community-building perspective!

You Don’t HAVE To Stick To Your Original Plan

As an entrepreneur, things are ALWAYS changing. And that’s a-okay, Fur Friends! It’s important to allow yourself to grow and adapt. That may mean you end up changing directions, learning different strategies, or rebranding your whole brand. 

We’ve learned a thing or two from past clients who want to rebrand, and 99% of the time, the mission and the story behind the brand stay the same, which means you don’t end up excluding your existing community. In fact, they typically love to grow with you and that’s part of the path of entrepreneurship!

So, our advice to you (and Tori’s) – let yourself grow and evolve with your business and don’t be afraid to change course!

People WANT To Be Heard

People are listening and they want to be involved. If your brand asks questions, looks for feedback, and tells genuine stories that relate to others, you’re building a community. And building a community is the driving force behind your business, whether you have a pet care business, sell pet products, or are a dog blogger or influencer (or heck, even if you aren’t in the pet industry at all).

Tori mentioned that when she writes her newsletter emails, she pretends she’s writing it to one of her best friends. As a result, she gets dozens of responses from dog moms who relate to her and her email. 

We recommend trying this out! Whether you have someone you could imagine writing to directly, whether it’s your best friend, your ideal client, or your ‘favorite’ client, do it! In the end, you’ll end up writing from a place of trust, genuineness, and love. And, from a marketing perspective, you build trust, rapport, and of course, a community that will want to purchase from you!

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Trust Is The Basis For EVERYTHING

Without trust, you can’t provide the best products or services possible. Because, without community, you probably don’t understand what your ideal clients/customers truly want and…they probably wouldn’t tell you what it is, either.

Allow yourself to build that trust with your community. This is EXTRA important in the pet industry. Your products or services impact pet lives and no one takes that lightly, am I right!? 

If you can build trust with your audience, that, Fur Friends, is where the magic happens.


Transparency = The Path To Building Trust

So, how do you build that trust? By being open and honest.

Now…we don’t want to mistake this with just letting your customers in on the behind-the-scenes or just posting another picture of you. And trust us, this stuff is gold, too! It’s just the first step. Kaila uses the example as a pet industry designer that when she asks clients to share photos of themselves for their About Me page, they become very hesitant. This is what starts the process of really making a difference.

But, it’s SO much more than that, too. And the only way to accomplish this is through vulnerability and starting REAL conversations.

Everything should have the same integrity across the board. Because…and read this carefully…you have to believe in you and your mission in order to truly be transparent with your audience. With this, Tori believes, “you’ll be surprised by the bonds that you will build.”

So, with her advice, she says that not every post needs to make you money. That’s not the point of what you do (although it’s definitely nice and what pays the bills). In the pet industry, to build community, it needs to be more than just the product or service you offer. Be real and be you. Don’t worry about posting the perfectly curated photo or the wonderfully written caption. Focus on being you. The rest will follow.

Some tangible steps from the interview: 

  1. As you start to grow, take notice of all the positive influence you’ve made in the world. As Tori does, screenshot these messages and save them to a folder for when you’re having a bad day.
    Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you’re not still making an impact on the world.


  2. The pet industry is very visual. People LOVE sharing about their own dogs. Ask them to share stories, pictures, videos, etc. and watch the engagement grow on your social media!


  3. Start small. Give free advice, post about things even if it doesn’t make you money, write blog posts on important topics, and begin to build trust.


  4. Personalize your content and be yourself. Share the guilty pleasure show you love, share your story or why you started your business, share your struggles, etc.


  5. Spend an hour every day going out and commenting on other people’s Instagram stories, feed, etc. Do stuff that’s interactive to show that you’re putting in the effort.


  6. Tori’s biggest piece of tangible advice → Get yourself a style guide! Lucky for you, Dox Design specializes in these! Get your custom guide here (or… if you’re a DIY’er, Dox has a free brand guideline template you can set up yourself here).

To learn more, like…her advice on brand style guides, how she got started, and how she realized she was a ‘real’ influencer, watch the video by subscribing below.

Stay tuned for more interviews coming your way – let’s Master Your Brand this year!

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