Hello, we are Dox Design:
Equal parts obsessed with Design and Dogs.

At Dox Design, we’re not just about creating pretty graphics and writing strings of attention-grabbing copy. Our purpose is to communicate the heart of your brand and presenting it in a way that will resonate with your audience.

As designers, branders, and marketers, our mission is to create brands that will make your customers stop in their tracks; brands that make them say, “This is exactly what I want and what I need.”

Whether it’s a thoughtfully crafted logo, beautifully designed brochure or a savvy, user-friendly website, we put your brand and your audience at the core of what we do. Every color we choose and every word we write is intentionally strategic and crafty.

Simply put, we get it—and our work will help your customers get it, too.

Why the Dogs? 

We get this question a lot. Other than being completely obsessed with dogs (especially Dachshund), we like to think our approach to design and relationship-building is pretty similar to the personality of a Dachshund.

Smart in our approach with your brand;
Loyal to our clients and our craft;
Playful in our designs and building relationships, and admittedly…
Stubborn to designing, branding and marketing the right way. No shortcuts!

Despite the dog focus, we work with clients of all industries. No matter the size of your company, we love and will create for each and every one. But, not going to lie… we especially love those that help our furry friends. 🙂

Our Philosophy

At Dox Design, we’re focused on doing what needs to get done to authentically communicate your brand with your audience. That means rather than jumping right in to crafting a logo, we learn all there is to know about your brand inside and out and then decide how we can bring your brand to life.

After we dig deep into what your brand needs to succeed, we’ll create the assets to help you stand out from the competition. From a kick-ass logo, print and web designs to captivating website copy, blogs and social media posts, our team works hard every day to make your customers take notice and keep coming back for more.

Our Core Team of Dox Design

Kaila Piepkow – Owner & Designer
Both a dreamer and a doer, Kaila has a knack for bringing her client’s visions to life. No matter your business idea, Kaila will go all-in to help turn your vision into your reality.

After a few years working in the agency world, Kaila decided to take her knowledge of design and love for dogs and combine them into one, creating Dox Design. When she isn’t behind the screen, you can find her walking Finley and Ferb in Downtown Grand Rapids with her husband Jordan, or sitting on the porch of Founder’s enjoying a Nitro Rubaeus.

Ferb Piepkow – Chief Security Ween
Ferbus Bean The First is the cuddliest, sassiest, and spunkiest ween you’ll ever meet. As Chief Security Officer of Dox Design, Ferb ensures that not a single squirrel or human can get into the office on his watch. As Dox Design’s Chief of Secruity he is the first bark that will greet you hello. 

Finley Piepkow – Secretary Ween
Finley Mae is the most food-motivated ween to ever grace this Earth. When she isn’t mischievously digging through the trash, you’ll find her lounging under our desks, waiting for crumbs to drop. As Dox Design’s official Secretary, Finley is the first friendly face you’ll see when you enter the office.

Our Beloved Office Weens

 Finley and Ferb are not just two major players of Dox Design, but of our entire lives! You’ll see them on our social media, our website, and even our logo. If it wasn’t for these spunky little Dachshunds, Dox Design’s love for dogs wouldn’t exist.

 Do you have an “Office Ween” that inspires you everyday? Tag us in a picture: @dox.design.

Our Expert Partners

It takes a village to build an amazing brand. That’s why we have a select group of expert partners
we rely on when working on a project. From illustration to SEO, we have some pretty paw-some peeps on our side. Meet them below! 

Jordan Piepkow – Development 
Jordan is a fountain of knowledge on the newest technologies and software solutions. As a full stack developer, he is a bit of a unicorn. He can create a front-end experience for any website and can also create more complicated web and mobile application. When he isn’t developing you can find him walking his Dachshunds with his wife, Kaila. 

Austin Winkler – SEO
Austin is an expert in all things keywords and search engines. From his main gig as PPC expert at a local agency to freelance SEO work, his focus is on ensuring the words you use in copy to promote your product or service resonate with both search engines and with real people. He’s also a fellow Dachshund owner and dog fanatic, so naturally, we love him.

Courtney Ahn – Illustration 
Courtney is a huge dog enthusiast (duh!) which is why we love her. When she isn’t exploring Portland with her adorable pup, she can be found whipping up killer custom illustrations for you and your brand. Any cute animation or icon we brainstorm, Courtney executes with perfection. She is a perfect team mate and additon to the Dox Design team. 
Check her out

Nichole Nadkarni – Strategy 
Nichole is the Chief Solution Wizard at Red Fish Viral. She is a master at helping businesses scale and put all the small pieces together. Whether it’s strategically laying out a website with precise calls to action or getting systems in place to automate your workflows, Nichole is your gal. She is also a dog mom to two wonderful, little pups that she frequently walks in Sunny California. 
Check her out

Darline Rodriguez- Content
Darline is a master content creator. From beautiful headshots to stunning product photography, she can do it all. Darline helps elevate a brand’s imagery by creating one-of-a-kind images—not to mention she has a background in digital marketing and can whip up a thoughtful social media plan or email newsletter for her clients, as well. She is our go-to girl for all things content and helps us, help you.
Check her out

It’s ok.. we know our words can only go so far.

Let our past clients tell you how we can help!

We needed to add more elements to our existing brand as well as “up level” it or give it a refresh. Dox Design were exactly the ones I knew I should call. After working with them in the past, I knew that they would meet deadlines, walk through ideas with me, and not pushing their concepts for redesign but helping me enhance and bring to life everything in my mind! They can deliver exactly what you want…but, I’m confident in saying it may even be a better version. I’ve worked with many designers and Kaila and her team at Dox Design are definitely my favorite! 

Candace D'Agnolo

Pet Boss Nation

After four years, my website was ready for a makeover. I found Dox Design through one of my pet sitting groups and so glad I did. They did an INCREDIBLE job making my website easier to navigate, fresh, modern and mobile friendly. Go to Paws on Pine to see the incredible job they did! They answered my questions super fast and went above and beyond to create specific forms I needed for my clients and potential employees. They were SO amazing that I hired them to create a logo for my newest venture- can’t wait to see it. Thank you Dox Design

Heather Curatolo

Paws on Pine

As a new business, we were so concentrated on providing quality products we overlooked “branding”. Our first year in business, we were experimenting with different colors and designs and it was a mess. I did not feel confident with our overall “look” and it held us back from growing as a company . When Dox Design reached out and offered her services, I wasn’t sure our small company could afford it so we decided to start with a small project…a business card and a promotional card. After that Kaila came back with a refreshed logo, a beautiful color palette and awesome designs. At that point, I realized we couldn’t afford not to have her help us create our official brand. Kaila is so professional and easy to work with. She’s able to combine my ideas with her design skills taking our business to the next level.

Tonja Osborne

Puppy Paws Coffee Company

Kaila and team did an outstanding job with our recent projects! She was professional and very prompt. Kaila listened and we connected instantly. We didn’t have to waste time trying to explain myself. She caught my vision and made it come to life!! She stayed on budget and displayed an amazing attention to detail. We had a wide variety of projects from graphic design, marketing campaign concept, templates, and illustrations. We will definitely work with her again! In fact, I can’t wait for our next round of projects!

Julie Owen

Smarter Services