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Our team has more than just the design skills you need to grow. We’re experienced professionals with the branding expertise and passion you need to take your business to the next level. Becoming a Top Dog has never been so fun!

A team of professionals whose skills are up to snuff. 

Better yet, we have the degrees and the experience to prove it. Our team members are branding professionals who bring two decades of combined experience in design and branding, producing the high-quality work you look for in a creative partner. Every one of our team members come from agency experience working with well-known brands. Our goal is to always take the necessary steps so you can authentically communicate with your audience. That means designing the right way—no short-cuts!

Your biggest cheerleaders who want to see you succeed, always.

It’s our greatest joy to see our clients succeed, which is why we support you every step of the way—through your growth phase and your maintenance phase. We help set you up for success by delivering all of the design tools you need to maintain a brand that’s consistently, uniquely you. And for those times you need a little extra support, we’re always here for you as your go-to design partner—no matter what.

Plus, we totally get your pet obsession. Like, really get it.

Pets (dogs specifically) are at the heart of everything we do. But, other than being completely obsessed with dogs, especially Daschunds, we like to think our approach to design and relationship-building is pretty similar to a dog’s personality: smart, loyal and playful. Not only are we your trusted design partner, but we’re also your fellow dog-obsessed professionals who are happy to share photos of our pets any time!

The Inspiration Behind Dox Design
Finley, Ferb and Felix are not just major players of Dox Design, but of our entire lives! If it wasn’t for these spunky little Dachshunds, Dox Design’s love for dogs wouldn’t exist.

Kaila Piepkow, Founder & Creative Director

Hey, Fur Friends! Kaila here—the crazy dog-lady behind Dox Design. I’m a proud fur-mama to three dachshunds, wife to my smarty-pants husband and the OG Swiftie (I’ve seen her on every tour, even as just an opener!)

After taking my first few years out of college in the traditional agency route, I felt restless… like my cup wasn’t being filled to the top. I had a vision, and I knew the kind of clientele I wanted to serve. I wanted to take my two favorite things—dogs and design—and create something that nobody had done before. Something big, bold, and most importantly, drool-worthy. And so, Dox Design was born!

Today, I’m proud to lead my fearless team on a mission to create strong, compelling brands that flaunt our clients’ stand-out qualities in fun and daring ways. Together, we work together seamlessly to create #droolworthy brands and design for people just like you: the doers, the dreamers and the dog-obsessed.

Favorite Dog Breed: Dachshund… duh!

Xan Sandin, Designer

Happiest with a pencil in her hand, Xan has an eye for the bold and edgy—two qualities you’ll see prevalent in her designs. Her absolute favorite part of her design process is exploring the functionality of patterns and typography, another element you’ll notice in her work. Aside from Dox, you can find her monkeying around with watercolors and chowing down on vegan junk food.

Favorite Dog Breed: Shiba Inu

Courtney Ahn, Designer

Self-proclaimed dog enthusiast and unapologetic Slytherin, Courtney is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for all things creative. She finds herself in the cross-section between visual arts and user experience design, equally balancing her love of aestheticism and big ideas with functional design and accessibility. When Courtney isn’t creating #droolworthy designs, you’ll find her at the nearest coffee shop hunched over an iPad, probably drawing dogs.

Favorite Dog Breed: Rescue

Natalie Topalian, Copywriter

Nat knew she was destined to become a writer from the moment she joined Writer’s Club in the second grade. But there’s a lot more to her than her obsession with words. When she’s not getting lost in the writing process, you can find her at the gym, hanging out in Saugatuck or binge-watching Gilmore Girls for the seventeenth time.

Favorite Dog Breed: Black Lab

Sabrina Torres, Client Liaison

Sabrina believes in the power of bold coffee, bold lipstick, and bold decisions. She is committed to helping businesses discover and reach their full potential, helping them identify the actions they need to take to align with their end goals. That’s why she’s the first person you’ll likely speak with at Dox Designs! When she isn’t on the phone or answering emails, she’s enjoying time with her four amazing children and partner, who she runs two successful businesses with. Which is why she needs all that aforementioned coffee.

Favorite Dog Breed: French Bulldog

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