Lifestyle brands aren’t always a bad thing

A Brand is a Way of Life


I recently stumbled across an article titled

“A Brand is Not a Way of Life; The Fallacy of Lifestyle Brands”

as I started to read it I quickly realized I could not disagree more. The essence of the blog post makes sense if you have a product focus on selling a GREAT product, calling yourself a “Lifestyle Brand” doesn’t dismiss your mediocre product and automatically make you one.

But what I think the blog is missing is this: Say you have four brands of tennis balls to choose from what is going to make one stand out to you? Sure, the cheapest option might win for some but what about a tennis ball that donates half their proceeds to Animal Rescues? Or a tennis ball that prides itself on lasting longer for adventurous pups and their humans

I don’t know about you but I love a brand that stands for something and has some personality. Maybe the issue with the term “Lifestyle Brand” is that it is an overused buzzword. But what it really stands for is being more than a product it is the people and company behind the product.

Ironically enough there is a line in the blog that relates to our own industry which is what I wanted to focus on Swystun states, “This does not give a dog food company permission to talk about backyard barbecues” Which is pretty much like saying “Hey, dog food just focuses on selling dog food and that is it.” Sure, focus on a quality product but if you really want to succeed focus on a lifestyle. What about busy pet parents on the go? Or health conscious pet parents who value nutrition?

Just ask brands like Farmers Dog or Ollie.

Brands like these continued success just goes to show that appealing to your customer lifestyle isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, it isn’t enough to just jump onto the trend, claim your brand is bold, and to run with it. (AKA Listerine’s failed attempt). But there is something to be said about a business, like a dog food company, that really focuses on their end consumer and designs a brand around it.

Call me crazy but I love lifestyle brands, and when I see a product (related to my dogs or not) that closely aligns with my beliefs, hobbies or personality I buy it. But hey it might just be the millennial in me.

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