6 Unique Ways To Use Branding In Your Business

Picture this… you’re a small business owner who hired a graphic design team to create a custom logo, brand elements, font suite, and select brand colors to tell a visual story. You are furiggin’ OBSESSED with the results of the rebrand and have applied changes to your website design, email marketing, and social media accounts. You’ve received positive feedback about the branding changes and have noticed an upswing in sales since the project was completed. Now, you are wondering how to keep the ball rolling by conveying your brand story in all aspects of your business. 

Did I just describe you?! YES?  Well, that’s just pawfect because I’ve got some solid ideas to share with you.

Why visual storytelling shouldn’t end with the rebrand  

Your brand is at the heart of everything you do. It is more than a logo, an eye-catching color palette, flashy typography, and hand-drawn icons and graphics. Your brand tells a story that should be reiterated to your target customer time and time again through varying marketing tactics.

The more you remind your ideal audience of your brand story,  the more likely they are to learn your “why” and develop an emotional connection with your business– making you their go-to choice in a sea of companies competing for their loyalty. 

6 fun ways to take your branding beyond the norm 

#1 Staff Apparel 

I’m sure you can think of a few businesses that take their staff t-shirt designs seriously and almost make you envious that you can’t have one of their cool t’s without being an employee. Custom staff apparel is a wonderful way to unify your team and communicate your brand story. The pawsibilities are endless in this category. 

#2 Thank you cards 

Custom thank you cards dropped in a shopping bag or shipped with a package can do wonders! People relate to people. So, this sweet and simple addition to your packaging can help humanize your business and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Branded thank you cards could inspire their loyalty to YOU and your brand.

#3 Storefront Signage 

This one may seem like a no-brainer if you do business out of a storefront. But if you take your business to local marketplaces and pop-ups, you will definitely need some branded signage to bring your brand story to life. Custom A-frame signs, table banners, retractable banners, and feather flags are easily transportable options, which can make any temporary storefront feel and look like home for your small biz. 

#4 Gift Cards 

A pawsome gift card design can go a long way! Follow me here… Say a customer who LOVES your brand gives their friend (who doesn’t already know how totally awesome your business is) a gift card to shop your products. This is your shot to appeal to their emotion before they even step foot in store or land on your website. My expert advice here, don’t play it safe! Think about your ideal customer and design gift cards that would capture their heart in an instant. 

#5 Vinyl Car Wrap 

I recommend this branded advertisement when the collar fits, okay! If you are required to travel in order to carry-out the services your business offers, a vinyl car wrap design can speak to the level of professionalism and care your customer will experience upon working with you. Customizing a work vehicle is a bold decision and one that could take your business to the next level. 

#6 Step and Repeat Banner 

We all love a photo moment, am I right?! Having a custom step and repeat banner on hand is never a bad idea. Whether you set it up in-store or haul it to your next event, a custom banner design is sure to help spread the word about your business. Because, as you know, people love to share photos on social media and that is free advertisement you should capitalize on. A Dox Design tip for these photo opps…save the seamless logo and go with a custom brand pattern, which tells way more about your brand story! 

Are you feeling inspired? 

Your brand story is one that deserves to be shouted from the rooftops everywhere you go, and in many compelling ways! We’ve got you covered, fur friend. Our team of graphic designers are available to execute your next project. 

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