5 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Veterinarian Market

Tell me this. If you drive down a popular city street, how many veterinarian hospitals do you think you’ll see? At least a couple, right? It’s no secret that the veterinary market is very competitive, so what are some ways that your practice can ACTUALLY stand out above the rest? Well, one thing’s for sure: modernization is key.

 It’s all too common to see veterinary hospitals with little to no modern marketing practices in place. If that’s you, that’s totally okay. We understand that web design and marketing is not necessarily your specialty. You have other things to worry about, like treating the animals that come into your veterinary clinic. But, we also wanted to provide you with some tangible ways that you can help your veterinarian clinic stand out from the rest, so we can get even more patients helped within your facility. Alright, let’s do this!!! Here are 5 ways to stand out in a crowded veterinarian market:

1. What makes you awesome?

The first piece of the puzzle is figuring out what it is that truly sets you apart to begin with. You may know you’re better than the other veterinary facilities around you, even if you’re marketing doesn’t show it yet.

Action Step:
Take a minute and write down a list of why you’re the best veterinary office out there. Now, look through your website, social media, and marketing materials and see if it is promoted anywhere. Is it?

Do you specialize in teeth cleanings and dental surgeries? Is that written on your website? Do you focus TONS of extra money on continued education for your staff? If so, does your website viewer know that when they come across your website or your business? Would anyone have any way of knowing what specifically makes your practice great?

website mockup

2. Who are you speaking to?

Now that you’ve established what you want to promote as a practice, it’s time to get a messaging strategy in place.This goes back to the basics of marketing. Ready? Who is your target market? And this goes way beyond just simply “pet owners.” If you’re going to implement an effective marketing strategy, you’ll need to really break it down and speak to the customers that you actually want in your facility.

Questions to get you started:

  1. What is your ideal customer’s number one concern?
  2. What is their top priority when looking for a veterinarian?
  3. Are your typical clients currently older or younger?
  4. Do your clients typically have families or are they empty nesters or young professionals?
  5. Since you do have a limited service area, it’s also important to take into account the demographics of those living in the radius around your clinic (average income, gender, age, household status, etc.).

Take all of this into account as you begin to start writing to your ideal customers, whether it’s on your website, in a blog post, on your brochures, or on social media.

3. What’s up with your messaging?

Now that you’ve established your target market and your town’s demographic information, it’s time to get clear on your messaging strategy.Essentially what you’ll want to do is combine your understanding of your target market and combine it with what you want to promote in your business.

Action Step:
Write down the services you want to promote or the specialties that make you unique. For each item, write down how you think these things would appeal the most to your ideal target market.

For example, if your animal hospital focuses on teeth cleanings and dental surgeries, is that written ANYWHERE on your website? Is it on the home page with a specific call-to-action that leads your potential client to more information, or perhaps to a booking page.

By allowing yourself to get more strategic with your online presence and messaging, you will be able to convert more potential clients and get more people through your doors.

4. What’s up with your messaging?

One of the biggest setbacks in the pet industry is the lack of a modern and professional web presence. And that’s where we come in! If you can do ONE thing to help your veterinary clinic grow, it’s to modernize your online web presence. It can really make all of the difference. So, what does it mean to have a professional and modern web presence? It means you need to have strategic branding, on-point messaging, high-quality graphics, a mobile-friendly version of your website, a blog, and an amazing user-experience that allows viewers to go through the sales process automatically, even while you’re away from the clinic.

Action Step:
Check out our blog post on how to create an effective website user-experience for your veterinary practice here. By implementing these professional qualities online, you are able to establish yourself as an industry leader and an expert in your field.

5. Blog, Blog, Blog!

Speaking of becoming an expert, if you haven’t started blogging yet, then you are leaving REAL money on the table. Now, we’re not just talking generic blog copy that might automatically post a couple times during the month through a templated site like VetMatrix.

Action Step:
Start a blog. Start writing. Start educating your audience. Start producing content on what you want to sell more of! Just get started.

We’re talking about implementing a real strategy that can exponentially grow your business. If you notice that you haven’t sold a microchip in a while, maybe you could post a blog post all about the importance of microchipping your pet. If you want to tell people all about the recent training your staff went through, here’s the opportunity. This custom area where you can not only reach your current customers, but where you can also optimize yourself to show up higher in search engines, the more business that will ultimately flow to your veterinary clinic.

Not to mention, these are perfect snippets that you can share on your social media pages!

It’s time to separate yourself and stand out in the crowded veterinarian market, whether that means starting a blog, updating your current website, creating high-quality graphics, or investing in branding and web design for your veterinary business.

We’d love to see your updated online presence. Let us know what you’ve done to stand out as a veterinary clinic and tell us what differences you’ve seen in terms of more website viewers or better yet, more $$$ in your business!

Ready To Command Your Brand?