5 Ways to Re-Energize Your Brand in 2022

We’re days away from 2022, and as the saying goes: New Year, New You… or, New Brand! We like to think of design and brand as entities in and of themselves. As people, we are likely to take this time to reflect on the kinds of people we want to be in the new year. We come up with some goals for us to aim for. Don’t you think your business and brand would appreciate that same kind of reflection? 


No matter how successful your business has been in 2020, we promise you, your business can do even more if you have the motivation and you’re open to a little creativity. Dox Design is here to see you grow, so pull out a pen and paper and get ready to get creative. 


Check out these 5 ways to re-energize your brand in 2022:


1. Re-brand

Yes, re-branding is kind of a huge move, but we’ve got your back! Dox Design has TONS of resources for you to explore when it comes to branding. (Well, duh… that’s why we’re here!)


If you’ve got a re-brand in mind but you’re intimidated by the roll-out process, read The Dox Design Guide on How to Roll Out Your New Brand. This blog covers all you need to know and all the creative ideas when it comes to getting your audience and clients to be excited about your brand-new brand!


If you’re interested in doing it yourself, check out How To Successfully DIY Your Pet Brand Part 4: Brand Elements & Social Media (and be sure to check out the other blogs in our DIY Pet Brand Series!). 


2. New Colors and Visuals 

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: brands CAN and SHOULD evolve! That’s why they’re brands. Your brand isn’t just a group of ‘logos.’ As your business grows, it’s time to reevaluate where you are and where you’re headed in the upcoming year. 


What energy will your brand and business bring in 2022? One of the most significant ways to bring energy to your audience and clientele is through colors, color palettes, and design. It might be time to update your color palette and switch things up a bit to keep things evolving for your audience next year.


3. New Platforms and New Copy

Time to dust off your website and think about exploration. This includes copy, and if you don’t consider yourself the most efficient and talented copywriter, it may be time to hire one. Take some time to review your website copy to see if it still resonates with your business growth. Or, maybe things changed this year and you’re pivoting – does your copy reflect those changes? 


Additionally, it may be time to explore a new platform. Is there a social media platform you’re not currently utilizing to market your business and your ideas? Maybe you’ve been using the same old email template and your campaign can use a makeover. Another thing to keep in mind is what your clients or customers are currently experiencing. What’s trending? What’s relevant to their climate, their interests? Get experimental, and go!


4. New Photo Style

Speaking of getting experimental, we really want to encourage you to take some risks in 2022. After all, did you make it this far just to play it safe? Elevate your imagery and showcase the true personality behind the brand. People appreciate it when business owners know how to “get real.” 


We’re not saying you shouldn’t be professional. But there’s a fine line between being professional and being a robot, and potential clients want to see some real life behind the services they hire. Your future clients are humans, too. Don’t be afraid to show yourself off in your imagery and photo style. In what ways can you bring the true you (or the true business) to the table when it comes to your photo style?


5. Come Up With New Products and Events

As we talked about in an earlier blog post, it’s always a great idea to add in multiple streams of revenue. What can you expand on or create in your business to bring revenue up a notch? There are so many ways you can create passive income streams for your business in 2021. But also, it’s not a bad idea to think about creating new products for your current customers and your future clientele. 


What are some creative and brand-building events that you can deliver in 2022? Maybe you can come up with a new fundraising event, an online giveaway, or a mixer to bring together pet parents in the pet-loving community! Maybe this is even a staff-only event where you can boost morale and freshen up the energy in the new year. The sky’s the limit if you’ve got fun in mind!


And that’s the moral of our story… your brand’s #1 New Year Resolution should be to have fun. You started your business because you’re passionate about what you do, and you want to do something you enjoy for a living. What’s the point if you won’t enjoy it? As long as you’re strategic and purposeful with your brand and mission, anything you set your mind to will pay off. Make a plan, work backward, and put it into action.


And, if you need help, we’re here! If you’re looking to re-brand for the new year, then you’ll definitely want to check out our Signature Branding Package. If you’re not quite ready for a total re-brand but you know your brand could use a little pick-me-up, then schedule a Design Day with our designers for a full 24 hours of premium quality and personal service. 


We’re versatile designers coming up with many different ways to suit your needs and your circumstances. That’s why we’ve also come up with our course: Build Your Own Brand to Attract Your Ideal Audience. It’s the ultimate new year’s resolution for all of us: educate ourselves, and grow! 

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