5 Brands That Are Killing It On Instagram

We’ve got a startling statistic for you.

Only about 10% of your Instagram followers are actually seeing your posts in their feed.


What does this mean for you? It means it’s time to take a look at some of the other value Instagram offers for you as a pet business. It’s not only an extremely important opportunity for you to engage with your audience, but it’s also a significant touchpoint in your customers’ marketing journey.

All of your customers will go through various touchpoints (or ways they experience your business) before they decide to take the action of purchasing or not. So, if a customer does land upon your Instagram page itself, it’s important to capture them from the beginning. This means having a professionally branded Instagram profile and cohesive feed.

It’s no longer enough to only post interesting captions. If someone comes across your profile, will they know…

– What you do

– Who you serve

– What makes you awesome

– What your brand vibe is

If you’re unsure, we went ahead and found 5 different pet brands that are KILLING it on Instagram!

1. Spotted Dog Bakery

 Spotted Dog takes your run of the mill dog treats to a new level. They are ALL about celebrating your dog the way he deserves to be celebrated: elaborate dog treats, custom cakes, and party accessories to go with it!

Their Instagram page is KILLLLLING it on Instagram. I mean, what other brick and mortar dog bakery has over 17k followers AND amazing engagement!?

The  best things they do on Instagram:

1. Their profile layout and highlight icons are spot-on – it’s consistent, to the point, and includes everything you need to know about who they are and who they serve.



Spotted Dog Bakery instagram page

2. The bakery regularly produces relevant and timely content that is high quality, entertaining, and mouth-watering (yes, they look appealing to us humans, too!) Their ability to adapt their feed to the holidays is stellar.

Valentines Day

bakery items

St. Patricks Day

cookies and cake


dogs with cookies


seasonal cookies

2.  Dapper Dexter

If you’re looking to GROW your pet style and product business efficiently and quickly, look no further than Dapper Dexter. They are #killingit by growing their following about almost 10k every 3 months. Say whhhhattt!?

The best things they do on Instagram:

1. Their profile is optimized to the fullest. It’s branded consistently between their logo and their highlight icons. They outline specifically who they are, what they sell, and where they sell to. Done, done, and done.

dapper dexter instagram page

2. They do a fabulous job of gathering engagement and growing their Instagram through collaborations and giveaways. Not only that, but the giveaways are timely and purposeful to relate to their audience (dog mom’s).

womens day giveway instagram post

3. Sleepy Cotton Co.

Looking for a dreamy Instagram feed full of high-quality products? We’ve found it! Sleepy Cotton Co. is one of the best curated feeds we’ve seen.

The best things they do on Instagram:

1. They know how to play off their name SO well in their content. Coupled with white graphics that display their high-quality cotton products, you are just plain sold. At least we are. 😉

dog collar instagram post


2. They appeal to the emotions that surround one of the hardest parts of being a dog mom: being away from them. And oh, it works so well.


4. Max Bone

Max bone does a fantastic job of staying true to their brand values. They offer a “sophisticated line designed for your dog with you in mind.” Their stuff is indeed sophisticated, but it’s also sleek and modern as well.

The best things they do on Instagram:

1. Their profile picture is simple, modern, and minimalistic, which appeals directly to the pet parents they serve.

the max bone instagram page

2. The feed is super consistent and matches their brand to a tee. The colors, the simplicity, the vibe. This brand truly knows what they’re doing and who they are speaking to – that’s for sure!

photos of dogs and cats

5. Barc London

Ahhh, luxury at its finest. Barc London is the perfect example of “luxury living for your four-legged friend.” We’re talking embossed soft leather collars and leads. There’s no higher quality than this.

The best things they do on Instagram:

1. Although they could definitely beef up the branding in their profile (using highlight icons), we think it’s important to mention that they promote their mission of donating a portion of their profits to Dogs Trust.

barclondon instagram page

2. Their product photography is out of this world and ooooooozzes with luxury.

photos of pugs

High-quality graphics, a branded profile, and creative content can truly make ALL the difference when it comes to your social media platforms.

Our biggest tip: Give these Instagram pages a follow and see if you can gather some inspiration to improve your own feed. Nothing wrong with that!

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