5 Brands That are Crushing the Packaging Game

We’re changing it up this month because we want to highlight the best of the best when it comes to business packaging. Because, this stuff is POWERFUL, guys.

How powerful, you ask? 

Well, when you receive a light blue box with a beautiful white ribbon tied into the most perfect bow imaginable, do you instantly know which brand that’s associated with? Do you keep the blue box even though you’ve never kept any other jewelry packaging? Yeah, because it’s part of the Tiffany’s experience. 

Consumers will actually alter their decision making when it comes to quality packaging and overall experience.

There’s a reason why ‘unboxing’ has become viral and such an integral part of product delivery (especially in a subscription/online shopping world). 

I mean, if you’re scrolling on Amazon and you see 20 different dog treat bags with essentially all the same price points, ingredients, and quantity…how do you choose which one to purchase? Most consumers will default to the best packaging or ‘the look’ that resonates with them the most.

I hope this answers the ‘how powerful is packaging really’ question.

Now that we understand its importance, how do we know what stellar business packaging looks like & how do we get it for ourselves

Well, Dox Design has put together a list of five different brands who are CRUSHING the packaging game, so you can see what it looks like in the real world.


1.  Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery does a fabulous job of making their brand versatile in terms of their colors and themes of dog treats.

Not only that but when you master your packaging, you have the power to utilize it in a way that truly creates a wonderful and full experience for your customers. With the simplicity of their branding, they’re able to create colorful rainbows, which makes this a perfect option for your adorable canines.

See their treat packaging below. When you look at it, you can see that it’s modern and simple, which allows them to have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to content production (like you see on their Instagram photos). 

Tip for ya: Depending on your branding or marketing strategy, it’s important to find a package designer who really knows how to bring what you’re looking for to life. Ahem…like *cough* Dox *cough* Design. JK, let’s carry on, shall we? (P.S. Sometimes, we just love shameless self-promo).

dog treat bags
dog standing in front of dog treat boxes
two women looking at expo booth products


2. Glossier

We know we have some Glossier fans in our audience, and since they LOVE pooches like we do, we want to highlight their sleek packaging as well.

Nowadays, it seems like, for the most part, simple is better. Glossier is the perfect example of that.

We mentioned the famous, ‘unboxing’ experience above, so before we get into it, we wanted to explain what it is for those of you who don’t know. ‘Unboxing’ is essentially when consumers unpack their new product(s) and record the whole process for their followers or audience. 

This occurs WHEN brands have unique packaging experiences for their audience and Glossier is one of those brands. In fact, check out this video here of an influencer unboxing her new Glossier products. Why else would someone record themselves opening up their new products if it wasn’t an important part of the experience for them?

The influencer in this video went so far as to say “I love the Glossier aesthetic so much…it’s almost like what sells me to their brand to be quite honest.” 👀

If you’re in e-commerce or retail, we highly suggest taking a hard look at your packaging in order to create a unique experience that matches your specific brand. Because, this stuff is powerful. Not only will this influencer be a repeat customer, but she also just shared this video for the WHOLE world to see and potentially become new customers as well. Take notes, people! This packaging is 👌.

Plus, we have to throw it out there that the people over at Glossier are huge animal lovers, which we OBVIOUSLY love as well.

small paint bottle
gift box
grid of dog photos


3. Dope Dog

Dope Dog is a popular brand with CBD dog treats, shampoos, and oils. Their packaging is yet again clean and playful, which works really well in the pet industry.

The colors are eye-catching, the designs are simple (yet have some subtle intricacies in there), and it makes for a playful and useful experience for pet owners.

When it comes to retail, your packaging needs to separate yourself from other brands. Otherwise, what’s the point? Consumers will simply pass your product in the aisles or ignore your booth at the trade show.

Your packaging extends outside of just the container that holds your product. It’s just one piece of the puzzle and Dope Dog does a great job of that with their product display, organization, and of course, the enthusiasm of its’ owners. 😉

three dog medicine products
man and woman sitting on green outdoor rug


4. It’s Dog Food

Ok, so we chatted about simplicity in the Glossier packaging, but we wanted to show another brand that uses simplicity to its core. To demonstrate their passion for simplicity, it’s worth mentioning that the About Us section on their website is 3 sentences long, with the first one ending in ‘so we’ll spare you the details.’  

They are addressing the problems of:

  • The middle man
  • The extra fluff
  • The indecision and complications of finding quality dog food

Therefore, their branding is as simple as can be. 

It’s like…overly simple, but it seriously works. Props to them because it really is what many pet owners are searching for. It’s Dog Food has truly mastered it, and it’s refreshing.


5. Made Coffee

We’re ending with Made Coffee because this might just be the best branding and packaging ever…not sure if it’s because it’s just SO dang perfect OR if it’s because we are utterly obsessed with coffee?? ☕️

I know, cheesy. We couldn’t resist.

Enter…a cold brew coffee subscription company. First of all, heck yes.

Second of all, the colorful twist on the more relaxed vibe of sipping on your hot morning coffee is energizing, which we’re assuming, is the point. They have a great line of packaging and successfully execute different product packaging depending on the season or the campaign going on. It all stays fully cohesive, which can sometimes be a challenge. Kudos to them on that!

pictures of cans


In order to crush the packaging game for yourself and help consumers know to pick YOUR product when browsing the endless products out there, it’s time to invest in QUALITY packaging. Luckily for you, Dox Design specializes in and LOVES packaging design for all types of businesses out there. Click here to learn more about our packaging services.

If you aren’t 100% sold or aren’t ready to invest, that’s a-okay. We still have a freebie on our packaging page for FREE dog treat labels! Want access? Click here.

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