3 Creative Pet Brands Who Are D.I.Y (Doing It Themselves!)

Ever wonder what happens after you work with Dox Design? One concern we’ve heard from potential Fur Friends is that they’ll be left to their own devices after being given their tools, especially when it comes to design. 

But the beauty of working with Dox Design (and one of the reasons we LOVE what we do), is that we don’t just whip up your designs and leave you in the dust to figure out how to incorporate them into your brand. Why bother doing what we do at all, if not to set your business up for success in the future? 

Our Signature Branding Program provides you with the tools to know exactly what we’re delivering to you (logo, patterns, visuals, etc.) and how to use them moving forward. Take our Brand Guidelines for example. These guidelines pull together all of your brand identity pieces in one place. IT’s an in-depth document with everything you will need to successfully use your new brand, like how to use your logo, what fonts to use where, and what colors to prioritize when creating graphics or adding them to your new website.

We’re so proud of the amazing work we’ve seen our clients take on this year when it comes to continuing on with their updated branding, and thought we’d share some of the best examples of what they’re creating on their own as inspiration for you!

Here are some of our favorite clients and what they’ve been doing well:


1. Modern Companion

This South Carolina-based pet accessory brand really focuses on bringing communities of pet lovers and pet parents together with warmth and style. What does that mean for their brand? That means consistency is key, and we were so impressed with how they managed to take their visuals and think about important elements of design that evoke a feeling of being welcomed and comfortable. Check out some examples, and see if you can identify ways they’ve kept their mission fresh, relevant, and approachable:

dog instagram post
dog with saying social media post


2. Pampered Pooches

Defying ideas about southwestern aesthetics, this Arizona brand is for sophisticated (but friendly) pooches! Pampered Pooches is classy but cheerful, which means minimal design with a dash of sass. We love how they’ve kept up the vibrancy of the visual toolbox we gave them, how it’s not just about branding basics, but maintaining an energy. Check out some examples:

dog wearing fashionable collar
spring is in the air
dog wearing a bowtie


3. Dogs of Charm City

Straight outta Baltimore, Dogs of Charm City is all about dog adventures of all kinds, offering pet walking and pet care services while fostering a fun-loving community. What makes them unique is that they focus on dog-friendly events which means their designs (especially their swag) is geared toward sociability and humor. Here are some other examples we love:

spring sale ad
paws out claws out coozie
park adventures flyer

We tried to offer you some variety, but these three brands actually have a lot in common: they’re all able to encapsulate their brand personality and mission, and incorporate that into all they’ve done moving forward. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to help them evoke the same emotions they set out to evoke, time and time again! 

After we give you your visual toolbox, we make sure you know how to use what’s inside, offering you all the guidance you need to D.I.Y. We also know progress isn’t always linear; sometimes there’s a project you might need some help on without taking on a full-time commitment with our designers. We’re more than happy to provide supplemental support down the road to all our fur friends. 

Check out our Design Lab, a whole day devoted to you and your brand. You’ll receive all the visuals and support you need to give your brand just the right boost it needs, without breaking the bank. Click here to learn more!

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